View Full Version : The Rating Game

  1. What are your favorites?
  2. Which diorama should I build?
  3. How good would you rate the first Cars movie?
  4. How good would you rate the Cars 2 movie?
  5. Which of the Cars Toons shorts is your favourite?
  6. What type of collector are you?
  7. Who is your favourite Cars 2 Racer?
  8. Which Cars 2 character are you most looking forward to getting?
  9. How many miles you travel, round trip, in order to make a good Cars run?
  10. Which of the Kmart Collector Events Cars are your favorite?
  11. Which of the most recent scores are you most excited about?
  12. Which one is your favorite Cars Comic-Con Release ?
  13. How many Cars do you anticipate buying at the Kmart 9 Cars Collector Event?
  14. Which Kmart 9 Car are you most looking forward to adding to your collection?
  15. Which Kmart Silver Series racer is your favorite?
  16. How does the new 2013 Cardback affect you?
  17. Best singles case of all time?
  18. Which Super Chase is your favorite?
  19. What was your favorite 2012 Deluxe Car?
  20. Which of the following is your favorite DJ?
  21. When you Cars shop, do you say
  22. Which best describes how you intend to collect Planes?
  23. Which Deluxe case do you feel is the best
  24. How often do you sneak out to Cars shop when visiting family?
  25. Which of the following new Movie Moments are you most looking forward to?
  26. What are your top 5 Cars of all time?
  27. Cars You Have That No One Wants (Your Personal 'Lemon' List)
  28. Should we change how we organize Recent Finds on PCD?
  29. Finn McMissile - Rate your favorites
  30. Which member of Uncle Topolino's Band is your favorite?
  31. Which of the new Deluxe Cars are you most looking forward to?
  32. Which of the first wave of 2014 short cards are you most interested in?
  33. Which of the first wave of Tokyo Mater Toon singles is your favorite?
  34. Which of these new singles are you most looking forward to?
  35. Which of the Cars from case A of the Radiator Springs 500 1/2 is your favorite?
  36. Which of the 4 Super Chase Cars from 2014 is your favorite?
  37. Which of the first 7 Ice Racer singles is your favorite?
  38. Are you you going to buy the new (pink) Kevin Racingtire (Shifty Drug)?
  39. Which Car from the 2015 Airport Adventure series are you most looking forward to?
  40. Which Car from the Amazon Cars 5 pack is your Favorite?
  41. Which of the 2015 Case W Deluxe Cars is Your Favorite?
  42. Which of the 2015 Case Y Deluxe is Your Favorite?
  43. Which of the 2016 Case B Deluxe is your favorite?
  44. Which Car from 2016 Singles case C is your favorite?
  45. Which 2016 Singles case D Car is your favorite?
  46. Which of these 2016 Movie Moments is your favorite?
  47. Which Precision Series Car From Wave 2 is your Favorite?
  48. Which new Precision Series Playset is your Favorite?
  49. Which of the Road Trip singles is your favorite?
  50. Which of the Road Trip Car and Trailer sets is your favorite?
  51. Which of these new Cars is your favorite?
  52. Which of the 4 new Easter Cars is your favorite?
  53. Which of the new Cars 3 Movie Moments is your favorite?
  54. Which of these 3 new Cars 3 boxed sets is your favorite?