1. February 15, 2017

    As many of you may have noticed, I've been pretty quiet as far as posting on PCD, both on the website and on the Facebook page... since the first of the year both of my parents have been hospitalized and my wife's father spent almost all of 2017 in hospitals or nursing homes prior to his passing last Wednesday at the age of 86... Cars just didn't seem as important to me in comparison to the health problems of parents... I made 3 trips per week to Indianapolis or southern Indiana for 4 weeks to visit ...
  2. August 4, 2016

    All is still quiet on the Cars front... other than finding the Road Trip singles and trailer packs in stores on July 14 and 17 I have seen nothing new in stores since July 4... I've had time when I could have gone on a Cars run and decided not to.

    I checked my Amazon account yesterday - I placed my last Amazon order on June 1 - over 2 months ago... and nothing I'm interested in at a good price.

    I'm waiting for GetMeCollectibles to get in some new items and will place ...
  3. July 12, 2016

    I know I've been a little quiet on the Cars front the last few weeks... my father-in-law had heart surgery at the end of June and his recovery is taking longer than expected... it caused us to delay our vacation to Tennessee by a couple of days... while we had wifi at the cabin we did not have cell signal... had to drive 22 miles on Tennessee 297 to get to the closest town with cell phone signal and a Walmart... and there were 5 180 degree turns up and down steep hills between the cabin and Oneida... ...
  4. More new carded Cars singles

    We now know 4 more Cars for the 2016 checklists:

    Rusteze Racing:
    J. Shoester: 7/12 - rusty station wagon
    Japeth: 9/12 - blue rusty car

    WGP Pit Crew:
    Max Schnell Pitty: 3/9

    Cruisin Tokyo:
    Capsule Hoteru: 4/9

    So far Crusin Tokyo and Rusteze Racing each have 4 new Cars in the 2016 series... there aren't that many ...
  5. New Vending Machine Car shown on eBay: 5/13/16

    May 13, 2016:

    Here's a vending machine Car, Capsule Hotel Kapuseru Hoteru:

    I wonder if it could be a Carateka mold repaint.

    It's a great looking Car... I like the color ...
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