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  1. May 29, 2016 How to sell Soviet stamps

    You can use any type of album to display your russian and soviet stamps for sale, and you can add all sorts of things to it like little pieces of information among the pages such as where you found a particular stamp, how special a stamp may be to you, other pictures to go along with your stamp or even information about the country the stamps may be from. The possibilities are endless!

    It is quite easy to find stamps to start your collection. Let your ...

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  2. Oversized rust eze fan?

    Has any one seen the White pick up with big wheels?
    Does it have the name "Craig faster"?
    Any help would be great.
  3. More new carded Cars singles

    We now know 4 more Cars for the 2016 checklists:

    Rusteze Racing:
    J. Shoester: 7/12 - rusty station wagon
    Japeth: 9/12 - blue rusty car

    WGP Pit Crew:
    Max Schnell Pitty: 3/9

    Cruisin Tokyo:
    Capsule Hoteru: 4/9

    So far Crusin Tokyo and Rusteze Racing each have 4 new Cars in the 2016 series... there aren't that many ...
  4. New Vending Machine Car shown on eBay: 5/13/16

    May 13, 2016:

    Here's a vending machine Car, Capsule Hotel Kapuseru Hoteru:

    I wonder if it could be a Carateka mold repaint.

    It's a great looking Car... I like the color ...
  5. PCD 5th Anniversary Contests

    Did you know that PCD just turned 5?

    Founded in April 2011 by Rippers, is now 5 years old... to celebrate our 5th Anniversary (birthday), we're having a few contests... check them out at:

    Coloring contest open to children age 12 and under:

    Contests open to members:

    You may enter on the website or ...
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