August 4, 2016

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All is still quiet on the Cars front... other than finding the Road Trip singles and trailer packs in stores on July 14 and 17 I have seen nothing new in stores since July 4... I've had time when I could have gone on a Cars run and decided not to.

I checked my Amazon account yesterday - I placed my last Amazon order on June 1 - over 2 months ago... and nothing I'm interested in at a good price.

I'm waiting for GetMeCollectibles to get in some new items and will place an order from them.

My father-in-law is finally home from the rehabilitation center where he went after his hospital surgery... he's doing better... and I haven't had to go down there to work on their modem/router/computer equipment for 3 weeks now.

We are working on installing 90 new computers and imaging (preparing for use) a total of 250 PCs in a 2 week period... it is definitely a busy time at work... and in the next 6 weeks we have birthdays for 2 sons, 1 daughter-in-law, and 3 grandchildren... definitely a busy time.

I hope everyone is doing well and hope you're having better luck finding new Cars than I am.
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  1. Silver Frosty's Avatar
    Seen nothing new down under for at least a month! I missed out on the Bud case that a few people got at the end of June. UK sounds worse than Aus and US though having read niftynigel's post!