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    Hello everyone.

    I have been collecting since 2007 but have recently decided to scale back my collection. As a longtime member of the forums, I would like to offer the first pick of my collection to the members here. All of the Cars below are LOOSE MINT CONDITION and have been on shelf display for numerous years. I have an extensive collection thread on the forums here if you want to look through pictures of what I have (anything in my collection thread not listed here is NOT for sale). I also have exceptional feedback that you can find on the feedback forum.

    Please contact me through PM or on the PCD Facebook group (@ Spencer Gogol) if you are interested in purchasing anything. I will ship internationally, you pay shipping.

    If I have something you need and you are not satisfied with my price listed, PLEASE reach out to me anyway. I am more than willing to make a deal. I have been out of the game for a while so some of these prices might not be the most accurate reflection of what is currently considered fair. I have grown this collection through the years with the help of the members on this board, and this collection was my pride and joy for a long time. I would like to see the pieces go to good homes and if I can help fill the gaps in your collection, I certainly will work with you to do that.

    Please note: I am away at school right now until the end of next week but I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner - I'm not face-to-face with the collection but I have an extensive inventory and someone back home with the collection helping me ship the cars out safely.

    This is going to be a long post, but I have everything broken down by category. Variants are listed by character (like Lightning McQueen, Tumbleweed). I have been meticulously collecting loose variants throughout the years so some of the listings specify what minor production variant each car is. Many of these cars are rare multipack exclusives - it's worth sorting through the list as I may be able to fill a lot of the needs of your collection. Thank you!
    Exclusives, Super Chase, Storytellers, Mater Saves Christmas:
    Blue Ransberg Finn McMissile $40.00
    Lightning McQueen, Snowplow $9.00
    Mater, Whee-Hoo Winter $9.00
    Sarge with Roof Lights $9.00
    Ramone, Christmas Cruiser $6.00

    Cars 1 Individual Cars
    #121 Clutch Aid (Plastic Tires, Raised Eyes) $5.00
    #28 Nitroade (Plastic Tires, Raised Eyes) $4.00
    #35 Shifty Drug (Plastic Tires, Raised Eyes) $5.00
    #52 Leak Less (Plastic Tires, Raised Eyes) $4.00
    #63 Transberry Juice (Plastic Tires, Flat Eyes) Dark Purple $5.00
    #64 RPM (Plastic Tires, Raised Eyes) $4.00
    #82 Shiny Wax (Plastic Tires, Raised Eyes) $5.00
    #90 Bumper Save (Plastic Tires, Flat Eyes) $5.00
    #92 Sputter Stop (Plastic Tires, Raised Eyes) $5.00
    Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp (Small Variant) $6.00
    Artie (Two-Piece) $6.00
    Axle Accelerator (Single Variant, No Window Bar) $5.00
    Barney Stormin (Plastic Wings) $7.00
    Benny Brakedrum $8.00
    Boost with Flames $7.00
    Charlie Cargo $8.00
    Chet Boxkaar Semi $10.00
    Chick Hicks Semi $7.00
    Chick Hicks, Dinoco $4.00
    Christina Wheeland $5.00
    Costanzo Della Corsa $6.00
    Craig Fäster $8.00
    Darrell Cartrip (Black Mouth) $5.00
    Darrell Cartrip (Red Mouth) $5.00
    Darrell Cartrip with Metallic Finish (Chase) $7.00
    Derek Decals Dobbs $15.00
    Dinoco Helicopter (Small Variant) $7.00
    DJ (Blue Decals) $3.00 * not mint condition
    DJ with Flames $7.00
    Donna Pits $5.00
    Dustin Mellows $8.00
    Edwin Kranks (Two-Piece) $5.00
    Edwin Kranks (Unibody) $5.00
    Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Silver Rims) $4.00
    Flo, Pit Crew Member (Two-Piece) $8.00
    Fred (Small Variant) $6.00
    Gil Semi $10.00
    Gray Semi (With Hole for Hitch) $7.00
    Gray Semi (Without Hole for Hitch) $7.00
    Hank Hallsum $10.00
    Jonathan Wrenchworks $6.00
    Kathy Copter $6.00
    Kit Revster $6.00
    Lightning McQueen (Without Rust-eze Spoiler) $4.00
    Lightning McQueen with Cone (Two-Piece) $8.00
    Lightning McQueen with Cone (Unibody) $6.00
    Lightning McQueen, Bug Mouth $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Cactus $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Determined $5.00
    Lightning McQueen, Dinoco (Flat Eyes) $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Dirt Track $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Nature Drive $6.00
    Lightning McQueen, Night Vision $7.00
    Lightning McQueen, Radiator Springs $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Road Repair $6.00
    Lightning McQueen, Spinout $7.00
    Lightning McQueen, Tar $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Tar (Flat Eyes) $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Tongue $6.00
    Lightning McQueen, Transforming $5.00
    Lightning McQueen, Tumbleweed $4.00
    Lightning Storm McQueen (Two-Piece) $7.00
    Luigi (No Black Outline) $3.00
    Mack Semi $7.00
    Marco the Jet $8.00
    Marilyn $5.00
    Mario Andretti (Gold Wheels) $5.00
    Marty Brakeburst $4.00
    Mater $4.00
    Mater, Brand New $4.00
    Matthew "True Blue" McCrew $4.00
    Murphy $7.00
    Nitroade Semi (Eric Roadales) $7.00
    No Stall Semi $7.00
    Octane Gain Semi $7.00
    Patti (Raised Eyes) $5.00
    Ramone, Hydraulic (Red) $5.00
    Ramone, Hydraulic with Metallic Finish (Chase) $6.00
    Ramone, Old School (Cruisin') $5.00
    Red (Small Variant) $7.00
    Ron Hover $6.00
    RPM Semi $7.00
    Sarge (Boot Camp Variant) $6.00
    Sarge, Pit Crew Member (Two-Piece) $6.00
    Sedanya Oskanian $6.00
    Snot Rod with Flames $7.00
    Stu Bop the Jet (Take Flight Series) $10.00
    The King $4.00
    Timothy Twostroke $5.00
    Transberry Juice Semi (CB) $8.00
    Vern (Two-Piece) $5.00
    Vinyl Toupee Semi $9.00

    Cars Toons Individual Cars (ordered by which short they are from)
    Propwash Junction Biplane $15.00

    Padre $8.00

    Big Fan $6.00
    Bucky Brakedust $5.00
    Mater, Cannonball $10.00

    I-Screamer $9.00
    Rasta Carian $9.00

    Rescue Squad Ambulance $8.00
    Rescue Squad Trooper (Horizontal Grille) $5.00

    Kaa Reesu $5.00
    Kabuto $5.00
    Komodo (Unibody) $5.00
    Lightning McQueen, Dragon $5.00
    Manji (Blue Eyes) $6.00
    Yokoza $5.00

    Cars 2 Sets/Lots
    Doug Speedcheck & Palace Danger Finn McMissile $12.00
    John & Nancy $12.00
    Father Burke, Cardinal Angelo & Cardinal Antonio $12.00
    Kimberly Rims & Carinne Cavvy $12.00
    Shawn Krash & Sal Machiani (Dark Yellow) $10.00
    Tolga Trunkov & Tubbs Pacer with Paint Spray $10.00
    Lightning McQueen with Travel Wheels & Race Team Fillmore (Movie Moments Variant Expression) $8.00
    Nat McLugnut & Michael Honksel $6.00
    Race Team Luigi & Guido $4.00

    Cars 2 Individual Cars
    Alberto $7.00
    Alex Vandel $9.00
    Alexander Hugo with Party Hat $6.00
    Alfredo $10.00
    Brent Mustangburger (Two-Piece) $5.00
    Brent Mustangburger with Headset $5.00
    Brett Warnewagen $7.00
    CARBON RACERS Max Schnell $6.00
    CARBON RACERS Nigel Gearsley $6.00
    CARBON RACERS Raoul CaRoule $6.00
    Carla Veloso (Two-Piece) $4.00
    Carlo Maserati $6.00
    Cartney Carsper $6.00
    Celine Dephare (Chase) $10.00
    Chisaki $5.00
    Clutch Foster $8.00
    Darrell Cartrip (Cars 2 Variant, Two-Piece) $5.00
    Darrell Cartrip with Headset $5.00
    David Hobbscapp with Headset $6.00
    Don Crumlin (Brown Eyes) $6.00
    Erik Laneley $6.00
    Fillmore, Race Team $4.00
    Finn McMissile with Breather $10.00
    Finn McMissile, Hydrofoil $7.00
    Finn McMissile, Security Guard (Two-Piece) $8.00
    Finn McMissile, Security Guard (Unibody) $5.00
    Francesco Bernoulli (Black Chassis) $4.00
    Francesco Bernoulli (Black Screw, White Fin) $4.00
    Francesco Bernoulli (Silver Screw, White Fin) $4.00
    Francesco Bernoulli, Interview $7.00
    Frank Clutchenson $15.00
    Geartrude $6.00
    Grem with Weapon $8.00
    Haiki $7.00
    Harumi $5.00
    Holley Shiftwell with Electroshock Device $10.00
    Holley Shiftwell with Screen (Engine Scene) $6.00
    ICE RACERS Carla Veloso $6.00
    ICE RACERS Jeff Gorvette $6.00
    ICE RACERS Lewis Hamilton $6.00
    ICE RACERS Lightning McQueen $6.00
    ICE RACERS Max Schnell $6.00
    ICE RACERS Miguel Camino $6.00
    ICE RACERS Nigel Gearsley $6.00
    ICE RACERS Raoul CaRoule $6.00
    ICE RACERS Shu Todoroki $6.00
    ICE RACERS Vitaly Petrov $6.00
    Jeff Gorvette (Two-Piece) $4.00
    Jesse Haullander $6.00
    Justin Partson $6.00
    Lewis Hamilton (No Tooth Gap) $5.00
    Lewis Hamilton (Two-Piece) $4.00
    Lightning McQueen with Party Wheels $4.00
    Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels (Launcher Variant) $7.00
    Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels (Two-Piece, Correct Color) $4.00
    Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels (Two-Piece, Off-Color) $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Hudson Hornet Piston Cup $4.00
    Lubewig $6.00
    Magen Carrar $6.00
    Mark Wheelsen $6.00
    Mater with Balloon $6.00
    Mater, Fighting Face $6.00
    Mater, Race Team $4.00
    Mater, You the Bomb (Green Bomb, No 95 Decal) $7.00
    Maurice Wheelks $5.00
    Max Schnell (Two-Piece) $4.00
    Mel Dorado $7.00
    Miguel Camino (Two-Piece) $4.00
    Mike Fuse $6.00
    NEON RACERS Max Schnell $3.00 *not mint condition
    NEON RACERS Raoul CaRoule $7.00
    Nigel Gearsley (Two-Piece) $4.00
    Nigel Gearsley with Metallic Finish (TRU) $9.00
    Officer Murakarmi (Chase) $7.00
    Okuni $6.00
    Otis $7.00
    Petrov Trunkov $4.00
    Professor Z (Black Bottom) $4.00
    Ramone, Artist (Lime Green) $5.00
    Ramone, Body Shop Union Jack (with Paint Gun) $10.00
    Raoul CaRoule (Two-Piece) $4.00
    Rip Clutchgoneski with Metallic Finish $6.00
    Sal Machiani (Light Yellow) $6.00
    Sarge, Race Team $4.00
    Shigeko $6.00
    SILVER RACERS SERIES Carla Veloso $5.00
    SILVER RACERS SERIES Jeff Gorvette (With Corvette Logo) $5.00
    SILVER RACERS SERIES Lewis Hamilton $5.00
    SILVER RACERS SERIES Lightning McQueen $5.00
    SILVER RACERS SERIES Max Schnell $5.00
    SILVER RACERS SERIES Miguel Camino $5.00
    Siren Carbarini $6.00
    Suki $5.00
    Vic Vanley $6.00
    Vladimir Trunkov with Car Boot $7.00

    Cars 3 Sets/Lots
    Sandy Cruz Ramirez & Sandy Rust-Eze Racing Center McQueen $12.00

    Cars 3 Individual Cars
    Arvy $7.00
    Buck Bearingly $4.00
    Cal Weathers ("Hank" Variant) $4.00
    Cal Weathers' Hauler (Dark Blue Hat) $18.00
    Chick Hicks with Headset $4.00
    Chip Gearings $5.00
    Dr. Damage $7.00
    Dud Throttleman $5.00
    Jack DePost $5.00
    Lightning McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter (Glossy Finish) $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Fabulous $4.00
    Lightning McQueen, Rust-Eze Racing Center $4.00
    Mack Hauler, Cars 3 $18.00
    Mack Semi, Cars 3 $7.00
    Miss Fritter (Original Stop Sign) $7.00
    Murray Clutchburn $4.00
    Natalie Certain (No Windshield Outline) $4.00
    Parker Brakeston $5.00
    Ponchy Wipeout (Yellow Wheels) $4.00
    Ralph Carlow $5.00
    Reb Meeker $5.00
    Rex Revler $5.00
    Smokey (Short Variant) $4.00
    Tim Treadless $5.00
    Tommy Highbanks $5.00

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Again, if you want to make a purchase, please contact me by Private Message or through the PCD Facebook page (@ Spencer Gogol)

    UPDATE: As Cars sell I will be deleting them from the listing so if you saw something here before and it is now gone, then someone else has purchased it, sorry/thanks

    UPDATE 2: Given the choice between PCD PM and Facebook Message, please message me on FB if you can, I will see it quicker!
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    Sorry to hear you are letting go of so much.
    PM sent


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      Originally posted by selarommj View Post
      Sorry to hear you are letting go of so much.
      PM sent
      Thank you, messaged you back on Facebook

      Updating the listing right now to reflect overnight claims


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        Always sorry to hear about breaking up a collection. But as I see some I would like to add who am I to complain. Hav send a PM through facebook.
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          so sad to see you leave the hobby, bumper save! i remember your extensive collection photos and your time spent here fondly. you'll be missed


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            You're selling a lot of great Cars, Bumper Save... I'm glad that you're going to continue to hold onto part of your collection and that you're making the ones you're selling available to other collectors.

            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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              Updated 12/12
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                BUMP & UPDATE

                I've been keeping up with this as I get sales from Facebook, but everything you see up there is still available as of right now 1/5


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                  Original post updated 1/17/19 some prices reduced