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  • Selling Guidelines

    Selling Guidelines

    Firstly, is not responsible for any sales that take place via this forum, it is purely a vehicle for YOU to arrange your own sales. It is not the role of the moderators to intervene and resolve sale disputes. accepts no liability for sales whatsoever.

    NO AUCTIONS ALLOWED. Only "buy it now" listings will be allowed. If you wish to auction an item, please use eBay and place an appropriate link in the eBay listings thread on here.

    When listing items for sale you MUST list the items that you have (actually have, in hand, not can get!), please list the full name of the item. Also state the condition of the item (carded / loose / mint / etc) and what card back it is on. Most important is the price. Remember that we're all collectors here and it's nice to help each other out - what goes around, comes around. However they're your items and you should post the price you want to receive for the item. Please also list the cost of shipping, it is assumed that the purchaser will pay for shipping, and this should cover the cost of the packaging and shipping. This price should be agreed before the sale is finalised/finalized. Please also state where you are located and whether you're willing to sell internationally or not.

    If you are selling Internationally please be aware that due to increased security / customs requirements some items are taking between 20 and 30 days to reach the recipient. Please be patient during this time. If you have a customs or shipping number when you mail the package, provide that to the recipient so that they can track the status of their item themselves.

    During the sale communication is key. When conducting a sale keep communication lines open and often so each partner in the sale knows what is happening. Let the sale partner know when items have been packaged and shipped and when items have been received. This forum has Private Messaging facilities, please use it. When the sale has completed, be sure to leave appropriate feedback in the Trade Feedback thread.

    It is expected that money will be received for a sale before items are dispatched, but that should be agreed by the seller / buyer.

    Once a sale has been agreed then etiquette dictates that is final.

    Make sure that the item is packaged as per the recipients requirements - again you need to be clear about these requirements. Please remember that neither the sender or recipient can't influence how the Postal Service will handle the package during transit so be sure to act accordingly.

    Derailing of other members trade / sales threads is not allowed, please post your own threads. Comments as to peoples prices / conditions is also not allowed. Any such comments will be deleted.

    Please maintain your post and update it if Sales have been made.

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    I'm new to the forum. Everything I have is in original packaging. I've over 20 storage containers with a varied assortment. I'd like to be able to catalogue all that I have, but it seemed to get out of hand. So, I've an extensive collection, which I wish to sell part of. If there's something someone is looking for please let me know. I need to begin downsizing, as my wife and I will be entering retirement soon and will need, let's say the space. This is not something I want to do, but it is time. I've enjoyed collecting and "hunting" for these articles for years now, ever since the first movie, especially as it related to Route 66. Please let me know the best course of action. Thank you. Tom


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      Private message sent.