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  • Every hauler made for sale

    We are systematically clearing out some things that will probably never be displayed in our house. Trying to de-clutter some. My collection of haulers has fallen under that list. Chris suggested I try them here before I go to ebay. These are all new in the box except the custom Apple, it started as a Wal Mart so obviously it had to come out for the work, but has been placed back into it's original box. Prices as listed, shipping is not included. Pictures or question please feel free to email me Thanks!

    Mack $25
    Vinyl Toupee $50
    Gil $20
    Sidewall Shine $20
    Paul Valdez $20
    Mood Spring $25
    Octane Gain $25
    Shifty Drug $45
    Wal Mart $20
    Chick Hicks $40
    Chet Boxkaar $25
    RPM 64 $45
    Jerry Recycled Batteries $30
    Oliver Lightload $30
    Trunk Fresh $25
    Leak Less $20
    Nitroade $20
    Ben Crankleshaft $25
    Apple Custom $40
    No Stall $45
    King $40
    Bumper Save team set $45

    I also have a Nitroade team set with the chief and pitties. $30

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    Hi could you list what series they are as some will be race o rama and some will be night skyline. Cheers Mark


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      e-mail sent


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        pm sent!


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          Response to this has been overwhelming. I have received quite a few offers and am waiting for replies on a first come, first served basis. If you do not hear back from me immediately please do not be upset. I will try to answer as quickly as possible as I hear back from the first people in line. Thank you for your patience. I will update the above list as items sell.

          Thank you.


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            Hello Fire1035, you have shipping option ? what's the shipping charges out of us ?
            Pm Sent, reply please with update list