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John Lassetire Surfin Safari For Sale

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  • John Lassetire Surfin Safari For Sale

    Before this will be listed on Ebay for wide open race, I will post this over here on PCD for the members to have the first chance
    on grabbing this car. By the way, I would thank the site staffs allowing me to do so.

    I have a John Lassetire Surfin Safari in Case for sale as per picture and I am helping my friend to downsize his collection.
    Therefore, item will be shipped from his place directly to the seller.

    I know there is no FAIR price on this item so i will based on a few recent Ebay transaction and determine
    this at USD 1,500.00 which inclusive of shipping. Recently two JL without case was sold at about 1000 and 1600 USD.
    So this is how i set the price at 1,500.00 USD.

    What you see is what you get and I will not accept any return/refund.

    Upon cofirmation on sales, seller have to make payment within 3 working days and providing me his/her shipping details.
    Item will be shipped within 3 working days after payment is received.
    Once item is posted. We will send you an email with pictures and tracking number.

    Payment - Paypal Only
    a) Gift / Payment Owed Option, Buyer will pay for the Paypal fees and charges. Total 1,500 USD.
    b) Invoice Option (I hope i can easily send an invoice without hustle, First time selling using invoice),
    Buyer will pay for the Paypal fees and charges. Total 1500 USD + 60.50 USD Paypal Fees = 1,560.50 USD
    Shipping - Included aka FOC, will use EMS with Tracking.
    Return/Refund - Not available
    Declaration - Toy Car, Any amount that buyer stipulate
    Custom Clearance - By buyer, if any

    Those who are interested could send me PM. It is first come first serve basis.
    I will respond within 24 hours.

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    Wow, if money was no object, I'd snap this surf dude up.

    Out of interest, what is the provenance deal with this version? Recall reading it was a launch one-off made for JL himself. Did they subsequently make a very limited run?

    Good luck with sale.


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      Lol... i will say some people still have a few of it but from my understanding it is as limited as it advertised.
      The midnight run sometimes is not what we think. Infact i do hope there is a midnight run for this JL
      My first JL was 15 months ago and my second one was 2 months ago.
      Both was help from different people with different way..

      I will say with the right connection, timing and money... it is still possible.
      However, a box one is getting harder and harder.