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    Hello everyone - unfortunately, the kids have moved on to other things, and I'm looking to sell off my remaining cars that are still new on card. Wanted to share on the board in case I could help out anyone looking to complete their collection. I appreciate everyone's help in building up the collection the last few years.

    Please PM or email me at dannsing at hotmail - if you are interested in anything below. They are all new on card - some may have wear from being in storage. I can share pictures if needed. Just give me some time to dig up specific cars. I'd like to help everyone out but will give priority to those that want multiple cars. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

    Sorry for the formatting - hope you can still read it okay.

    Open to discussing offers and possibly trades for the DisneyPark Star Wars Cars.

    Price Series Car
    $4.00 2013 Themes Body Shop Ramone
    $4.00 2013 Themes Boost w/ flames 2013
    $4.00 2013 Themes Brent Mustangburger w/headset
    $4.00 2013 Themes DJ w/flames 2013
    $4.00 2013 Themes Jeff Gorvette w/ logo 2013
    $5.00 2013 Themes Petey Pacer
    $35.00 2013 Themes Piston Cup 7-pack: Kit Revster, Coriander Widetrack, Polly Puddlejumper, LMQ, Chick Hicks, Fiber Fuel, The King
    $4.00 2013 Themes Rusty Rusteeze 2013
    $4.00 2013 Themes Sarge
    $4.00 2013 Themes Snot Rod w/flames 2013
    $4.00 2013 Themes Sputterstop 2013
    $7.00 2013 Themes Waiter Mater - DELUXE
    $4.00 2013 Themes Wingo w/flames 2013
    $8.00 2013 Themes Yokoza / Chisaki 2-pack
    $9.00 2013 Kmart Exclusive Ivan (w/ Kmart exclusive sticker) - DELUXE
    $4.00 2014 Themes Carla Veloso with flames
    $4.00 2014 Themes Carney Carsper
    $4.00 2014 Themes Cora Copper
    $4.00 2014 Themes Matthew "True Blue" McCrew
    $7.00 Cars Toons Komodo - original packaging
    $7.00 Cars Toons Manji - original packaging
    $6.00 Final Lap Marty Brakeburst
    $5.00 Final Lap Matthew "True Blue" McCrew
    $7.00 Planes Franz
    $7.00 Planes Rochelle
    $18.00 Playset - Porto Corsa Oil Rig Ambush
    $20.00 Porto Corsa Carla Veloso / Carla's crew chief 2-pack Kmart exclusive
    $13.00 Porto Corsa Francesco / Franceso crew chief 2-pack - Kmart exclusive
    $8.00 Porto Corsa Jeff Gorvette / John Lassetire 2-pack Kmart exclusive
    $55.00 Porto Corsa Memo Rojas Jr. - SUPER CHASE
    $5.00 Porto Corsa Pit Crew Mater w/headset - Kmart Exclusive
    $4.00 Porto Corsa Raoule Caroule - Rubber Tires Kmart
    $55.00 Porto Corsa Russian Racer - SUPER CHASE
    $10.00 Stunt Racers Jorg - Max Schnell truck
    $5.00 Supercharged Green Ramone
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    Darn I wish I could afford these Im going to try and get some money soon and maybe buy some. I want more Piston Cup cars in my collection.


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      List update 2/28/15


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        Hello bamcars, items received, packed well, thanks again for all your efforts, much appreciated!


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          List updated 4/2/15 - thanks for looking!


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            List updated 5/22/15 - and SOME REDUCED PRICES!


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              List updated on 6/14/15 - some prices reduced. Also open to discuss offers and maybe trades for DisneyPark Star Wars cars. Thanks!


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                List updated 9/17/15.