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Looking for Piston Cup racers

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  • Looking for Piston Cup racers

    Hi everyone

    I am looking for the following piston cup racers to add to my collection:

    1. Rev n Go #73
    2. Clutch Aid #121
    3. Gas-kits #80
    4. Trans berry Juice #63

    Require shipping to Australia, have silver and carbon Frosty as possible trades.

    Thanks in advance [emoji4]

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    check ebay back door sellers


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      I moved your thread to the Wanted section, cheekyage.

      Are you looking for loose or carded Cars? Plastic tire/tyre or rubber tyre? The rubber tyre racers were from Kmart Cars Collector events several years ago and are in short supply.

      I should have a Transberry Juice in a 2 pack with Chick Hicks from a few years ago... I may have a Clutch Aid Lightyear Launcher... Gask-Its is due to be released in the next few months, possibly as a Movie Moments single (with pit stop barrier/sign) or as a single... and Rev N Go may be released in the 2017 Mattel year as well... please keep checking the main forum for information on Cars in the 2017 themes and releases.

      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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        Thanks cac1959.

        I would prefer carded from any series [emoji4]

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