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    I do have some assortments for MM, Launchers, Deluxe, Singles, Lights and sounds if you would like them let me know.

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    oh, pretty please, post it for us to see what is coming!
    Thank you in advance.
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      I think we'd all like to see the Case assortments... so we know what's coming and we can go back and see what we might have missed... Many thanks!

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        whats, what to collect in these new cases of cars 2... What I mean is what will be the hard to get ones, I see that in the cases there is just one of certain characters in them. Would it be possible to get a list of the cars you need to give first preference to when the new cases come out....Cause theres so many cases were going to get bombarded with I'd like to know which are going to hard to get when the next cases come....WO this is so confusing... Thanks, and sorry for confusing anyone


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          Case contents and volumes would be great. If you could PM me with the info I'll upload it into a grid adn then publish on here


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            Yes Mr B and can you put some sort of availability or quantities on the list too please...I want to get the limited cars first then pick up the rest at a later date as no doubt the obvious ones will become peg warmers.. or more easy to get


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              That's my aim Ru5ty - if I get the info I'll do exactly that in a matrix format