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  • 2018 Cars Checklist

    Dinoco 400
    After the Dinoco 400, a tie-breaker race is needed to determine the winner of the Piston Cup!
    • Greg Candyman
    • Lee Revkins
    • Mario Andretti
    • Megan Shifter
    • Davey Apex (incorrected as T.G. Castlenut)
    • Lightning McQueen
    • Race Tow Truck Tom
    • Marlon “Clutches” McKay
    • Ryan Shields
    • CB (Deluxe)
    • Dan Haulin’ (Deluxe)
    • Brian Park Motors (Deluxe)
    • Van Scanlane (Deluxe)
    • Dinoco Pitty and Roger Wheeler (2-Pack)
    • Dexter Hoover with Green Flag and Charlie Checker (2-Pack)
    • Strip “”The King”” Weathers and Chick Hicks (2-Pack)

    Thunder Hollow
    It’’s Crazy 8 night at Thunder Hollow Speedway!
    • Blind Spot
    • High Impact
    • Tailgate
    • Todd Krash
    • Mo Revlin
    • Kevin Ryvan
    • Motor Turner
    • Lightning McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter
    • Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline
    • Roscoe (Deluxe)
    • Miss Fritter (Deluxe)
    • Dr. Damage (Deluxe)
    • Arvy (Deluxe)
    • Roscoe (Deluxe)
    • Tailgate and Pushover (2-Pack)
    • Hit & Run (2-Pack)

    Piston Cup Racers
    Rookies and racing legends alike compete to win the coveted Piston Cup!
    • Buck Bearingly
    • Bobby Swift
    • Carl Clutchen
    • Jack DePost
    • Rex Revler
    • Markus Krankzler
    • Dino Draftsky
    • Rev Roadages
    • Brick Yardley and Cal Weathers (2-Pack)

    “Next-Gen” Piston Cup Racers
    Will the impressive “Next-Gen” racers break Lightning McQueen’’s winning streak?
    • Chris Roamin’’
    • Chase Racelott
    • Cam Spinner
    • Conrad Camber
    • Rich Mixon
    • Ryan “Inside” Laney
    • Richie Gunzit
    • Michael Rotor
    • Sheldon Shifter
    • Spikey Fillups & Eric Braker (2-Pack)

    The World Grand Prix will determine who is the fastest car in the world!
    • Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels
    • Francesco Bernoulli
    • Adam Parke
    • Guiseppe Motorosi
    • Cruz Besouro
    • Carla Veloso
    • Miguel Camino
    • Shu Todoroki
    • Lewis Hamilton
    • Max Schnell
    • Nigel Gearsley
    • Nick Pit-Tire
    • Rip Clutchgoneski
    • Honk Cho
    • Petro Cartalina
    • Raoul Çaroule and Jeff Gorvette (2-Pack)
    • Erik Laneley and Alex Carvill (2-Pack)
    • Turbo Bullock & John Lassetire (2-Pack)
    • Terrell Geartry & Brian Gearlooski (2-Pack)

    Florida 500
    It’’s the opening race of the Piston Cup season! Who will take home the championship?
    • Cars 3 Lightning McQueen
    • Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
    • Fabulous Lightning McQueen
    • Maddy McGear
    • Florida Ramone
    • Shannon Spokes
    • Kiel Motorray
    • Steve Hearsell
    • Jackson Storm
    • Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez
    • RSN Bob Cutlass
    • Kris Revstopski and Pat Traxson (2-Pack)

    Radiator Springs
    The kind folks in Radiator Springs become Lightning McQueen’’s friends for life!
    • Mater
    • Sally
    • Sheriff
    • Tumbleweed McQueen
    • Sarge
    • Lizzie
    • Fillmore
    • Marilyn
    • Ramone & Flo (2-Pack)
    • Nick Stickers
    • Luigi & Guido
    • Red (Deluxe)
    • Charlie Cargo (Deluxe)
    • Frank Pinkerton (Deluxe)
    • Murphy (Deluxe)
    • Frank (Deluxe)
    • T.J. (Deluxe)
    • Sarge with Cannon (Deluxe)

    Rust-eze Racing Center
    The new Rust-eze Racing Center features the latest in racer training technology!
    • Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen
    • Cruz Ramirez
    • Sterling
    • Shriram
    • Tom W.
    • Kryzstof
    • Sudeep
    • Gabriel and Aiden (2-Pack)
    • Rusty Rust-eze and Dusty Rust-eze (2-Pack)
    • Cars 3 Mack (Deluxe)

    The enthusiastic play-by-play from RSN reporters brings excitement to race day!
    • The Lightyear Blimp (Deluxe)
    • Chick Hicks with Headset
    • Natalie Certain

    The Cotter Pin
    Friends of the late, great Fabulous Hudson Hornet gather at the Cotter Pin!
    • Tex Dinoco
    • Smokey
    • Bill Revs
    • Andrew Vroomon

    • Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet
    • River Scott
    • Heyday Smokey

    Scavenger Hunt
    Super Chase vehicles are limited to no more than 4,000 units produced. (Sgt. Highgear only)
    • Metallic Bobby Swift
    • Metallic Cars 3 Lightning McQueen
    • Metallic Cruz Ramirez
    • Metallic Mario Andretti
    • Metallic Dino Draftsky
    • Metallic Marilyn
    • Cal Weathers (Rubber Tires)
    • Chick Hicks (Rubber Tires)
    • Jackson Storm (Rubber Tires)
    • Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez (Rubber Tires)
    • Sgt. Highgear (Deluxe, Super Chase)

    • Derby (Lightning McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter, Jocko Flocko Mack and APB)
    • Dinoco (Cal Weathers, Dinoco Helicopter and Tex Dinoco)
    • Radiator Springs (Lightning McQueen, Tractor and Mater)

    Box Sets
    • Thunder Hollow 5-Pack (T-Bone, Cruz Ramirez as Frances Beltline, Lightning McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter, APB, Fishtail)
    • Piston Cup Race 5-Pack (Cars 3 Lightning McQueen, Shannon Spokes, Danny Swervez, Brick Yardley, Jackson Storm)
    • Piston Cup Competition 5-Pack (Chick Hicks with Headset, Paul Conrev, Rust-eze Lightning McQueen, Bobby Swift, Ryan “Inside” Laney)
    • Piston Cup Race 11-Pack (Cal Weathers, Dirkson D'Agostino, J.D. McPillar, Jackson Storm, Jimmy Cables, Mater with Lightning Bolt, Rust-eze Lightning McQueen, Ryan "Inside Laney, Tex DInoco, Tim Treadless, Todd Marcus)
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    Awesome list, SamB2003! Thank you.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      No problem, Chris.


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        Also, updated the list to include the 2-pack of Alex Carvill and Erik Lanely, and Deluxe Roscoe.


        • #5
          Added more Cars to the list.


          • #6
            Update: added new Deluxes and a few singles.


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              Thank you for adding more Cars to the list, SamB2003... I appreciate your efforts a lot.

              I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


              • #8
                Update: Added missing singles and deluxe and a box set.


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                  do you have a picture of the marilyn. I can't seem to find what that one might look like


                  • #10
                    Scavenger Hunt Marilyn is quickly becoming a unicorn... I've seen less than a dozen in the past few months. Between eBay, Amazon & Google Image Search. No idea what happened with this case. And with production moving from China to Thailand it could complicate the issue.
                    And welcome to PCD, always glad to meet a kiwi. :-D



                    • #11
                      I didn't think it existed because I couldn't even find a picture of it lol. I agree it seems like a unicorn car. I will keep my eyes open for it.

                      Yay another kiwi I get the feeling the community in NZ is a bit bigger than we realize because I have seen Cars die casts being snapped up and fought over on trademe but I think we are all little islands mostly. Do you know if there is facebook page or something for kiwi collectors?


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                        I'm also glad you interpreted marilyn as being the scavenger hunt one lol


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                          Oh, I'm not a Kiwi. I'm in the U.S. heartland. But I enjoy the temperament of the South South Pacific. I also really like Flight of the Conchords. I have "met" collectors from Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. But we had an old school collector who was a kiwi back in the day. And it always seemed to be a tough market in which to collect.


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                            haha okay I thought you might have been kiwi by the way you talked. I have met a collector who has 900 + in NZ when I brought a double up off them. There are collectors in NZ because I notice rare ones on trademe (our version of craigs list) tend to get fought over and snapped up and often see comments like "that will look good in my collection".

                            It is tough because I look at the prices you guys in the US pay and cry. $3 or $4 is unheard of down here. I get excited when a local store runs a buy one get one half price deal so I can get two for $15. We pay $10 for a 1:55, deluxe typically $15-$25 and forget anything other than base lines. I have to order in from the states and postage is the real killer. So after exchange rates and postage we can be paying $20-$30 for one item. Shipping time can also be 3-4 weeks as well. We also don't get haulers down here either and I have only once seen 1:24s in stock anywhere in NZ.

                            Also doesn't help that a lot of stores in NZ are winding up the Cars lines because they only carry them for the duration of the interest in the movie. Getting some great deals atm but sad I'll be left with only ebay and facebook groups for my fix lol.


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                              No worries, I am aware how to "take the piss out" of something. But on the other hand I think Vegemite is abhorrent. And I'm ashamed I probably only have a 65% chance of distinguishing a New Zealand accent from an Australian accent. But Peter Jackson, Flight of the Conchords and to a lesser degree Lorde. If it weren't for the Pacific Ring of Fire I'd love to live there... Yes, we do have it well economically speaking here in the U.S. I think some European countries see similar prices that you have to deal with. I think The Netherlands may be the highest in Europe. So of my many complaints over the years the retail cost hasn't been one. ;-)

                              These are the other Cars Kiwis I was thinking about:


                              Their last posts were 10 & 7 years ago, so probably not terribly relevant for what it's worth.