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    Picked some more over the weekend, which are Sage VanDerSpin (accidentally called Rex Revler, has his artwork and to keep carded), 2 of Dan Carcia, and Blue Desert Rip Clutchgoneski and Brand New Mater to keep carded.

    TOTAL: 684 Cars/Planes


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      Finally at 700 Cars/Planes!!! Here's what I got over the last couple of days.

      Brand New Mater (carded)
      Holley Shiftwell (carded)
      Dirkson D'Agostino (carded)
      Silver Jeff Gorvette
      Silver Jeff Gorvette (carded)
      Hank "Halloween" Murphy
      Hank "Halloween" Murphy (carded)
      Pat Traxson
      Pat Traxson (carded)
      Jae (carded)
      Silver Lightning McQueen
      Silver Lightning McQueen (carded)
      Paul Conrev (carded)
      Metallic Union Jack Ramone
      Metallic Ryan Shields (carded)


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        very impressive collection. i'm amazed by the dedication of those of you who purchase everything in pairs to keep one sealed/carded and the other for play/display.


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          Thank you Fisch


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            Anyways, got Airborne to keep carded, and the minis Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen and Saludos Amigos Ramone from the 3-packs respectively last Friday, for a total of 703 Cars/Planes!


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              A while ago I have gotten a few more cars to the collection totalling for 717 diecasts!

              Rev Roadages
              Metallic Union Jack Ramone (carded)
              Mini Racers Heyday Junior Moon
              Mini Racers Buck Bearingly
              Mini Racers H.J. Hollis
              Mini Racers Artist Ramone
              Mini Racers J.D. McPillar
              Mini Racers Rex Revler
              Mini Racers Cigalert
              Thomasville Metallic Fabulous Lightning McQueen
              Thomasville Chip Gearings
              Thomasville Parker Brakeston
              Rusty Rust-eze
              Dusty Rust-eze


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                Below is everything I have added in the last few weeks. It totals to 776 Cars/Planes so far, but I have bought a lot of mini racers boxes during that time and I'm not gonna risk saying all the ones I got. Anyways, I'll put it easier here by saying so far that I have the full Series 4 boxes, all of the Series 1 boxes except #12, all of the Series 2 boxes except #14 and #18, and all of the Series 5 boxes except #59.

                And now for the diecasts I got:

                Nigel Gearsley with Flames
                Mater with Cone Teeth
                Palace Danger Finn McMissile
                Palace Danger Finn McMissile (carded)
                Ernesto (carded)
                Silver Dinoco Cruz Ramirez
                Silver Dinoco Cruz Ramirez (carded)
                Jambalaya Chimichanga
                Jambalaya Chimichanga (carded)


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                  Here we go...another update with a bunch of new cars. This is what I got lately. Up to 787 Cars/Planes so far as of right now.

                  Chief RPM
                  Chuck Manifold
                  Cars 3 Bob Cutlass
                  Neon Racers Lewis Hamilton
                  Wingo (Blue Desert carded)
                  Boost (Blue Desert carded)
                  Ben Doordan
                  Metallic Brand New Mater
                  Metallic Haul Inngas
                  Hydraulic Florida Ramone
                  Body Shop Union Jack Ramone


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                    UPDATE 08/28/2020

                    Hydraulic Florida Ramone (carded)
                    Body Shop Union Jack Ramone (carded)
                    Ben Doordan (carded)
                    Metallic Haul Inngas (carded)
                    Rocket Racing Ed Truncan
                    Rocket Racing Ed Truncan (carded)
                    Rocket Racing George New-Win
                    Rocket Racing Michael Rotor
                    Noah Gocek (carded)
                    Mini Racers Fabulous Lightning McQueen (boxed)
                    Radiator Springs Ramone
                    Mini Racers T.G. Castlenut
                    Mini Racers Brian Spark
                    Mini Racers Michael Rotor
                    Mini Racers Jim Reverick
                    Mini Racers Jim Reverick (boxed)
                    Mini Racers Flip Dover
                    Mini Racers Flip Dover (boxed)
                    Mini Racers Fabulous Hudson Hornet (boxed)

                    TOTAL: 807 Cars/Planes


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                      UPDATE 09/25/2020: Oh boy. I have loads to show here.

                      Carlo Maserati
                      Rocket Racing Michael Rotor (carded)
                      Metallic Brand New Mater (carded)
                      Magen Carrar
                      Austin Littleton
                      Earl Filter
                      Senior Trax
                      Jonas Carvers
                      Jonas Carvers (carded)
                      Slider Petrolski (carded)
                      Silver Raoul CaRoule
                      Silver Raoul CaRoule (carded)
                      Fabulous Hudson Hornet with Tire
                      Fabulous Hudson Hornet with Tire (carded)
                      Metallic Snot Rod
                      Metallic Snot Rod (carded)
                      Rocket Racing George New-Win (carded)
                      Mike Fuse
                      Siren Carbarini
                      Alex Carvill
                      Acer with Headset
                      El Materdor
                      Silver Racers Miguel Camino
                      Mini Racers Francesco Bernoulli
                      Mini Racers Francesco Bernoulli (boxed)
                      Mini Racers Yellow Ramone (boxed)
                      Mini Racers Sally (boxed)
                      Mini Racers T.G. Castlenut (boxed)
                      Mini Racers Brian Spark (boxed)
                      Mini Racers Michael Rotor (boxed)
                      Mini Racers Metallic Jackson Storm (boxed)
                      Mini Racers Jimbo (boxed)

                      TOTAL: 844 Cars/Planes


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                        UPDATE 10/13/2020

                        Recently got two a while back, which are Jimmy Cables and the Cars 3 variant of Dirkson D'Agostino. This adds up to 846 Cars/Planes so far.


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                          Below are my scores that I have been getting a while back. The total adds up to 875 Cars/Planes now! 25 more to 900.


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                            Here's a bunch of scores I got last Friday!

                            I have two scores that I got a while ago but don't worry I'll show it soon.

                            TOTAL: 894 Cars/Planes

                            EDIT 12/04/2020: Just managed to attach the photo file using a link I copied from the other Tapatalk site. Hope this settles things alright. Couldn't get it to work a while earlier.
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                              More scores I got a while ago to add to the collection.

                              TOTAL: 921 Cars/Planes