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    Originally posted by cac1959 View Post
    More great additions, SamB2003! Keep up the good work in adding to and documenting your collection.


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      Hello, it's been a while since I last posted here, so this is what I acquired over the rest of last month and this month so far:

      Flo with Tray
      Otto Bonn
      Hot Rod Smokey
      James Cleanair (carded)
      Hot Rod Junior Moon
      Neon Racers Max Schnell
      Ice Racers Raoul CaRoule
      Silver Racers Lewis Hamilton
      Ice Racers Max Schnell
      Barry DePedal (Blue Desert carded)
      Richie Gunzit (Blue Desert carded)
      Dinoco Cruz Ramirez (Blue Desert carded)
      Jackson Storm (Blue Desert carded)
      Mini Racers Metallic Dinoco Chick Hicks
      Mini Racers Silver Strip Weathers aka "The King"
      Sarge (Blue Desert carded)
      Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels (Blue Desert carded)
      Ponchy Wipeout (Cars 3 variant, blue eyelids)
      Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen (Blue Desert carded)
      Wheeldell Lee
      Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez (carded)
      Mater (Blue Desert carded)
      Cam Spinner (Blue Desert carded)
      Fabulous Lightning McQueen (Blue Desert carded)
      Hot Rod Smokey (carded)
      Kevin Racingtire (carded)
      Otto Bonn (carded)
      Chase Racelott (carded)
      Motor Turner (Blue Desert carded)
      Chuck Armstrong (Blue Desert carded)
      Flo with Tray (carded)
      Nigel Gearsley (Blue Desert carded)
      Ryan "Inside" Laney (Blue Desert carded)
      Heyday Smokey (Blue Desert carded)
      Maddy McGear (carded)
      Hot Rod Junior Moon (carded)
      Carla Veloso (Blue Desert carded)

      TOTAL: 515 Cars/Planes....yep, already got to 500 so to get to 600!!


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        Now here's some more cars I have acquired recently...

        Mini Racers Dinoco Wrap Sally
        Mini Racers Dinoco Wrap Lightning McQueen
        Mini Racers Metallic Strip Weathers AKA "The King"
        Michael Rotor (Blue Desert carded)
        Francesco Bernoulli (carded)
        Jen Tansedan (Blue Desert carded)
        Chick Hicks (carded)

        TOTAL: 522 Cars/Planes


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          Also, I went and changed the name of the forum because I changed my username from Sam Roadtesta 67 to RavineAurora32903 back in late August.


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            Here are some recent scores I've acquired over last month and my scores for this month so far.

            New Cars 1
            Strip Weathers aka “The King” (carded)
            Edwin Kranks
            Sheriff (Blue Desert carded)
            Edwin Kranks (carded)
            Brush Curber (carded)
            Doc Hudson (carded)
            Luigi (carded)
            Guido (carded)

            New Cars 2
            Carbon Racers Max Schnell
            Ice Racers Nigel Gearsley

            New Cars 3
            Floyd Mulvihill (Cars 3 variant, carded)
            Eric Braker
            Bill Revs
            Mater with #95 Hat (Blue Desert carded)
            Sterling with Headset (Blue Desert carded)

            TOTAL: 537 Cars/Planes