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    No updates today, but I want to explain something I forgot.

    I have 13 carded cars so far aswell, and if you count the minis in my collection, then you get a total of 292 Cars & Planes. Stay tuned for the next update, don’t worry.


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      Below are my recent additions I got from Target. I am keeping these carded.

      TOTAL: 294 Cars & Planes!


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        Nice to see your collection is building, SamB2003! I'm amazed that some people know exactly how many items are in their collection, because I have no idea... Keep up the great work adding to your collection!

        I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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          Thanks so much Chris!


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            Went to a bunch of stores today and found Mini Racers Jimbo at a Woolworths. I then went to a Target store at Tuggeranong and got WGP Lightning and Nigel to keep carded. I went to another Target afterwards in the city and picked up Pileup to keep carded. And then lastly, I went to Myer in the same city and got Max Schnell to also keep carded.

            TOTAL: 299 Cars/Planes....only 1 more to 300.....oh boy.


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              Today’’s hunt was successful! I found Buck Bearingly at Zing Pop Culture to keep carded, but sadly his cardback is beaten up. I then got Murray Clutchburn to keep carded from Coles, but he has the Chinese stickers on the back sadly but I will peel them off with a label remover. I then went to Myer, finding Parker Brakeston and Sarge to keep carded aswell! Sadly, Parker’s blister is falling off but I will fix it with tape. After lunch, I got Ice Racers Frosty for $1.50 at the Green Shed! They also had Purple Ramone, Cruisin Lightning and some plastic cars, but I left them all. Lastly, but not least, I found 5 minis at a Woolworths in Tuggeranong!

              TOTAL: 309 Cars/Planes

              Told you I’’d reach 300 cars....Now to get to 400...


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                It's absolutely great seeing someone building a collection! It's such a great feeling adding something to a collection, whatever it is!


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                  Thanks, niftynigel!

                  Here’s some recent scores I got a while ago. Strut Jetstream Dusty is from the Green Shed, Mini Racers Bobby Swift is from Big W, my carded Chester is from Target and Tim from Zing Pop Culture, and Mac iCar and Murray Clutchburn both came from eBay.

                  TOTAL: 315 Cars/Planes


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                    Some more scores I got a while ago. I got Cam and the minis yesterday, Cam from Woolies, and the Gold Ramone pack and Mud Racers (except Cruz and LM) a while ago from Kmart. I got the Glow 3-pack from Target in the city. The Mud Cruz and LM and carded Super Chase Frances are from Big W in the city. Paul Conrev and James Cleanair came from eBay. And lastly, My open Super Chase Cruz is from Big W near my house and Tumbleweed LM from Myer in the city.

                    TOTAL: 332 Cars/Planes


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                      Some more scores I acquired over last month and this month so far this year! I had to break it down into groups since it was a bit long. Here's what I got.

                      New Cars 1
                      Lee Revkins (carded)
                      Precision Series Sally (carded)
                      Billy Oilchanger
                      Sage VanDerSpin
                      Greg Candyman

                      New Cars 2
                      Race Team Luigi
                      Race Team Guido
                      Metallic Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen
                      Cruz Besouro

                      New Cars 3
                      Heyday Smokey (carded)
                      Ralph Carlow (Cars 3 variant, carded)
                      Ryan "Inside" Laney (carded)
                      Mud Racing Cal Weathers (carded)
                      Mud Racing Speedy Comet
                      Andrew Vrooman
                      Carl Clutchen
                      Mo Revlin
                      Motor Turner
                      Metallic Shannon Spokes
                      Heyday River Scott

                      New Mini Racers
                      Muddy Miss Fritter
                      Glow Danny Swervez
                      Gold Lightning McQueen
                      Silver Tim Treadless
                      Metallic Sterling
                      Metallic Cal Weathers
                      Metallic Dinoco Lightning McQueen
                      Silver Chick Hicks
                      Yellow Ramone

                      TOTAL: 364 Cars/Planes


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                        Here are all the new cars/planes that I've recieved over the past month and this month so far, in alphabetical order! (Sorry for no photo)

                        Autonaut Lightning McQueen
                        Barry DePedal
                        Bryn Imageare
                        Carl Clutchen (carded)
                        Chuck Armstrong (carded)
                        Cruz Besouro (carded)
                        Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
                        Duke Coulters
                        Duke Coulters (carded)
                        Greg Candyman (carded)
                        Heyday River Scott (carded)
                        Jackson Storm (carded)
                        Jenni Towland
                        Jenni Towland (carded)
                        Jen Tansedan
                        Jen Tansedan (carded)
                        Kevin Ryvan
                        Kevin Shiftright
                        Metallic Rex Revler
                        Metallic Shannon Spokes (carded)
                        Michael Rotor
                        Mini Racers Metallic Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet
                        Mo Revlin (carded)
                        Motor Turner (carded)
                        Mud Racing Barry DePedal (carded)
                        Mud Racing Cruz Ramirez (carded)
                        Mud Racing Lightning McQueen (carded)
                        Mud Racing Speedy Comet (carded)
                        Nick Pit-Tire
                        Nick Stickers
                        Ponchy Wipeout (Cars 3 variant, carded)
                        Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen (carded)
                        Sterling with Headset
                        Sterling with Headset (carded)
                        Vandon Kerr

                        TOTAL: 401 Cars/Planes
                        Last edited by SamB2003; 05-18-2019, 02:31 AM.


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                          Here are some more cars I've achieved over the past month.

                          Antonio Velloce Eccellente
                          Antonio Velloce Eccellente (carded)
                          Barry DePedal (carded)
                          Bryn Imageare (carded)
                          Dinoco Chick Hicks
                          Dinoco Cruz Ramirez (carded)
                          Double Decker Bus
                          Drag Racing Cruz Ramirez
                          Drag Racing Jackson Storm (carded)
                          Drag Racing Lightning McQueen
                          Drag Racing Lightning McQueen (carded)
                          Drag Racing Spikey Fillups
                          Drag Racing Spikey Fillups (carded)
                          Drag Racing Tim Treadless
                          Drag Racing Tim Treadless (carded)
                          Fabulous Hudson Hornet (white rims variant)
                          Fillmore (carded)
                          Jack DePost (carded)
                          Kevin Ryvan (carded)
                          Mack Semi
                          Mater (carded)
                          Mater with #95 Hat
                          Metallic Marilyn
                          Metallic Rex Revler (carded)
                          Metallic Sally (carded)
                          Michael Rotor (carded)
                          Mike Stockar
                          Mike Stockar (carded)
                          Mini Racers Dinoco Chick Hicks
                          Mini Racers Fishtail
                          Mud Racing Dino Draftsky
                          Mud Racing Dino Draftsky (carded)
                          Mud Racing Jackson Storm (carded)
                          Mud Racing Leak Less
                          Mud Racing Leak Less (carded)
                          Mud Racing Steve "Slick" LaPage
                          Mud Racing Steve "Slick" LaPage (carded)
                          Mud Racing T.G. Castlenut
                          Mud Racing T.G. Castlenut (carded)
                          Nick Pit-Tire (carded)
                          Nick Stickers (carded)
                          Precision Series Fillmore (carded)
                          Precision Series Guido (carded)
                          Precision Series Luigi (carded)
                          Professor Z
                          Raoul CaRoule (carded)
                          Richie Gunzit
                          Richie Gunzit (carded)
                          Ryan "Inside" Laney (2019 carded)
                          Shu Todoroki (carded)
                          Tumbleweed Lightning McQueen (carded)
                          Vandon Kerr (carded)

                          TOTAL: 458 Cars/Planes


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                            Wow! You've added a lot of great new Cars to your collection this month, Sam! Congratulations! In fact, you've added so many during the last few months - that is awesome... I don't have the Drag Racers nor the Mud Racers - I think I will buy the Drag Racers and while I've said no to the Mud Racers so far, my resistance is getting weaker.

                            I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom