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Spotted Nissan 350z

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  • Spotted Nissan 350z

    So I watched Planes for the first time on the weekend & spotted what I think is a Nissan 350z. Im guessing this has never been made into a Diecast?

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    Awesome find, Nate79NZ!

    As I've only watched Planes Fire and Rescue twice, I had not noticed that... but that would make an awesome diecast!

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      I noticed that if you look closely you can see #14 Little King and next to him appears to be Tysonitis. He's #9 and has that white stripe on his right wing. He seems to also be partly orange. Tysonitis' name was seen on the scoreboard in Nebraska, but I can't seem to find him. So at least he does look like he does in the movie.
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        The Z might be crew for one of the planes cause he can be clearly seen a few times again in the bar when franz fliegenhosen shows up. There is also a black model Z as well talking to a white plane.