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    The contents of this case has changed. Quadratorquosaur is in there in place of another car. I'll try and confirm ASAP...

    I can confirm the contents of the UK version (96CK) case, currently at Smyths (S23A)...
    Mallory Karhut 1
    Cruisin' Lightning McQueen 1
    Dexter Hoover with Green Flag 1
    Doc Hudson 1
    Drift Party Mater 1
    Greebles 2
    Lightning McQueen (Cars variant) 1
    Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels 1
    Mario Andretti 2
    Mateo 1
    Mato 1
    Nile Speedcone 2
    Patty 1
    Quadratorquosaur 1
    Road Trip Lightning McQueen 2
    Road Trip Mater 1
    Sheriff 1
    Tailgate 1
    Tubbs 1
    Vladimir Trunkov 1
    It would appear that Westfalanapus was removed from that case to accommodate Quadratorquosaur. That makes sense to me. They could effectively be the modern day equivalent of the old Chase Car (one time only releases), although we have recently seen Lee Race, former Super Chase car reissued!
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      August 22, 2023: added a tentative list of case CL

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