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    hey i was wondering if anyone actuly uses the chat room? i go in a bit any no one ever in there, i have a form of autism and i like to chat to people this way be good if some people ca ncome chat and trade be nice :-)

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    I use it when I'm at home sometimes. Most of the time I'm on this site at work though so I won't go in the chat rooms.

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      ok well i will be in ther now for tonight


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        Sometimes I use it... I can't on my phone, and with a 5 hour time difference between the UK and the US it's tough... Not sure what I've got going on later today... Yard work if its not raining

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          Il be on in a wee while - I used to log on every time I signed in but apart from 3 or 4 occasions it was always empty. im off to cut the grass now but if your still in later il catch you then!