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  • Public Beta for a New Pixar Cars Wiki

    Announcing a new site, currently in beta for all users to test and register (if you like).

    The site is in a stable state and working well from initial results of beta testing. I am however looking for any more details testers might have. The biggest concern right now is content entry, which there is a ton left to do. Series 1 and 2 were completed, and Series 3 was started. Please help out if you can and let me know if you have questions on how to enter content.

    Hope everyone likes the site, please let me know your candid responses. BTW, I am not a designer (programmer only) so the site is fairly basic design-wise.
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    Looking great!!!

    Ka-Chigga, Ka-Chow, and Ka-Ciao! - DjB


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      the must is the corlor search!
      Noone has done it! I think it will be very usefull for uninformed people on the name of the diecast!!
      Congratulation for your work!
      My collection:


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        There is a way to track your collection (and wish list) too, if you have a user account. Here is mine, of what has been input on the site so far.


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          Oh, and you can choose to add loose "vehicles" or carded "releases" or a mixture of both if you want to your collection. Mine are all loose, so that is why you don't see carded cars. Brandje currently has a bunch of carded cars in his collection: