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Coming soon: The Return of the Christmas Cars

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  • Coming soon: The Return of the Christmas Cars

    Thanks to Fillmore1234 for the heads up he posted on the PCD Facebook page... it looks like Christmas Cars are returning... they are listed on the website... no pictures available yet... and while these are listed they are not in stock and not available to order.

    Here are links for the holiday diecasts:

    Decked Out Doc Hudson:

    Picture from the 2011 release.

    Cruiser Ramone:

    Picture from 2013 release

    Hotshot Lightning McQueen:

    Picture from 2011 release

    Reindeer Mater:

    Picture from 2011 release.

    Spirit Sheriff:

    Vehicle Assortment: - could this be a boxed set?

    I fully expect that we'll see the same Cars on a new cardback... and since they're on the Walmart website that I expect they'll be Walmart exclusive in the US this year... I'd love to see new releases of Christmas/holiday Cars such as the Reindeer Cars... and the re-release of Santa Car... I would expect these to show up in stores in either October or November.

    You can learn more about Christmas Cars and see more pictures in my article at:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Fillmore1234!

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    I'm excited to see there return. Missing Luigi/Guido w/ presents, Green Sheriff, Santa Car, Woohee Mater, & LMQ with Shovel. Don't mind picking up another Reindeer Mater though. Looks so nice :-D


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      i hope they are the same


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        Here are the ones getting released. Edit: Hahaha, I'm in a rush so I didn't even spend near enough time reading your post, Chris. I'll leave these up since they're the official stock photos.