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  • Red Ransberg McQueen

    I've just seen on eBay loads of rare stuff from an Aussie collector currently for sale including Speedway of the South, Blue Ransberg McQueen and Red Ransberg McQueen.

    I didn't know about this car but T5AD wrote about it here:


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    For AU$500, you think they'd know how to spell "Lightning".

    No doubt a fake by the way.


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      Considering there's only 51 "real" (legitimate) Red Ransburgs out there, yeah.

      It looks to be what Met refers to as a "Factory Unauthorized 2" version (same one I have).
      There were many backdoor Blu-ray McQueens floating around. About the same time as the RR v2 was.


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        There is only one way to get original RR to collection - to convince the owner to sell it to you. Everything else is fake in an attempt to capitalize on the deficit.


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          I've never once (personally) heard of a confirmed legitimate RR sale/purchase taking place.
          Accept for the benefit auction at which "the one" was sold. To the best of my knowledge none of the 50 "brainstorming" ones have ever made it into the collector's community.


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            This is why I don't list the Red Ransburg 50 or the 'one' in the main rarity list of this forum - it's because no one has them and never will so they are uncollectible. And really the 'one' is just a custom that was made.


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              A custom made in the Mattel factory. With the design & direction coming directly from Mattel.
              A "one-off" is a more applicable term in my opinion. Uncollectable is a good way to put it though.