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Recent Finds: January 2013 trades and online purchases

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    Had these delivered a few days ago from an amazing lady from the US.

    1st up is a double error Holley Shiftwell,the pattern on the alloys/rims are pointing in the opposite direction than normal and on the reverse of the card the number 15 is printed twice.

    And in the same package was this monster which included the new unibody Finn and the brown eyed don crumlin


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      it must have cost quite a bit to ship that 12 pack to you from the US


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        Split Case C Singles with cac1959 and got my half of the Case today.

        I also got a second Cone McQueen, a Francesco, Sally and Lightning Ramone but since they either aren't new to the Case or it is a duplicate of one I got I didn't take pics of those.


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          very nice haul! I'm hoping to get ahold of Tubbs soon. The new series has very sllowly crept up here in the area so just a matter of time

          Transformers for Trade


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            Got a package from cars4josh aka nepamike today...he's been helping me fill in the missing pieces of my collection!! Awesome Dude!!


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              I'll add photos later... picked up a Petey Pacer from GOMATERGO this evening... and came home to find a great package from MrBrownstone... Chase Alex Vandel, Otis, and Suki... and View Zeen and Spare Mint from an old Tesco clip strip (plastic tire/tyre version from Kmart 1)... with some great posters... Many thanks!

              I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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                Nice score there Cac1959!

                We picked up 2 boxes today...the first was from a TFAD member who helped me get Kabuki & Ivan Mater. The second contained some toons which I purchased - Nurse Kori, Lug & Nutty, Burnt LMQ & Rescue Squad Trooper =)


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                  Well didnt buy them but Disney Store Online has Memo Rojas and Rescue Mater back up for those who missed them last time.


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                    Thanks for the heads up on the Disney Store Memo Rojas and Rescue Mater Cars, Scavenger...

                    Here are photos from a package from MrBrownstone that I received earlier this week.

                    View Zeen and Spare Mint from Tesco clip strip:

                    Posters - Lightning McQueen and Shu Todoroki:

                    Posters - Pit Crew Pals and Francesco Bernouili:

                    2011 UK Poster:

                    Note how Pinion Tanaka is the wrong color on the poster.

                    Side 2 of the 2011 UK Poster:

                    I'll probably upload the McQueen for a future coloring activity.

                    From Morrisons - a set of of Disney Land Paris Magical Moments Festival cards... awesome!

                    I forgot to take a picture of Chase Alex Vandel, Otis, and Suki.

                    Many thanks for an awesome package, MrBrownstone!

                    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom