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    The Fireball Beach singles have flown off of ASDA's shelves and pegs even at £7.97. It proves there's still a market for Cars!


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      of course someone could have knicked them, might buy one at that price buts thats all


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        Originally posted by cac1959 View Post

        It's been a huge lull everywhere, boogity... stores are starting to do their resets... new items coming out are the Fireball Beach series items (at Target in the US and smaller stores in the UK) and the Thomasville Legends series (at US Walmart stores after coming out at Big W in Australia)... I've seen very few 2018 singles Cars... Deluxe have been more common and I have seen 2 packs at a few store chains... Toys R US merchandise has been showing up at many different consolidators stores in the US... Mattel hasn't even shown the 2018 poster and we are 3 months away from the 2019 Mattel year.

        2 new things appeared in California yesterday so there is hope for new merchandise... but this lull has been bad... if Mattel is making long-term collectors like me lose interest in their products there's a problem with their strategy... and I agree - 15 quid for Deluxe is too much to pay although I have paid more than I'd have liked to have paid for many items.

        I expect we'll see new case assortments sometime and would not be surprised to see the equivalent of the Super Case from 2012 with 2 Super Chase Cars and 11 or 12 new Cars total.
        There have only been official sitings of the Fireball Beach singles at ASDA in the UK so far. That's not to say that they aren't elsewhere, it's just that no one has confirmed sitings elsewhere on PCD. Maybe they have on Facebook?


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          As far as I know, niftynigel, the only reports of Fireball Beach singles have been in the UK, first at small toy stores and then at ASDA, and then in the US at Target... I've not seen any other stores mentioned on any of the Facebook Cars groups I check... US stores sold out singles and I've not heard of restocks for the last month.

          I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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            A new 2018 singles case has just started to appear at Smyths Toy Superstores in the UK. It is DXV29-974U. Instead of the usual 24 cars, there's only 21 as the three Cars 3 Lightning McQueen's have been removed, probably at the request of Smyths! As this is a revised assortment, it has been over-stickered DXV29-8503. The full case contents is identical to the 9565 Wal-Mart and HEB case from January. The datestamp is 3187EAA which is similar to the US case too!

            The full contents (including 3no. McQueen's) is:
            CARS 3 LIGHTNING McQUEEN No. 95 3 DXV32
            JACKSON STORM (IGNTR 2.0) 3 DXV34
            STERLING 2 DXV63
            BOBBY SWIFT (OCTANE GAIN No. 19) 1 DXV64
            BUCK BEARINGLY (VIEW ZEEN No. 39) 1 DXV68
            RUST-EZE CRUZ RAMIREZ No. 95 2 FGD72
            FILLMORE 1 FJH96
            TEX DINOCO 1 FJH97
            SALLY 1 FJH98
            TAILGATE 1 FLM04
            BLIND SPOT 1 FLM05
            HIGH IMPACT 1 FLM06
            GREG CANDYMAN (TACH O MINT No. 101) 1 FLM07
            MARIO ANDRETTI 1 FLM08
            SHU TODOROKI 1 FLM09
            LEWIS HAMILTON 1 FLM11
            There are at least 1,000 of these in store at Smyths, compared to the initial batch of case 975A at ASDA, which numbered just 280.
            This represents the first official non-clipstrip release of Sterling in the UK. Because these were manufactured in the sellotape era it may not come as a surprise that some cars have sellotape on them! In purchased both Sterling and Metallic Cruz Ramirez. A total of 32 singles have now been released on 2018 cards in the UK - not including clipstrips. Expect to see cases 974V, 974W and 974Y at some stage. They will probably mirror US cases 957A, 957B and 957J?


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              spotted u in smyths up on top, there seem to be dual pricing, new stuff 5.99 older stuff 4.99
              had walk round asda living couldnt find a thing