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  • Originally posted by VANDANCE View Post
    Just a general observation but does anyone know why Jeremy is commanding such a high price on eBay and the like? I didn’t think he was limited or any rarer than the rest of the mix. Thanks all.
    The UK (and Europe?) case 96CH appeared at B&M (18 June), Toymaster (14 July) and The Entertainer (7 August). Collectively, those three retailers don't order as many as Smyths do.

    The circulation of cases in the UK in 2023 is now down to between 500 and 1,000.

    As you say, we've received every single case in the UK this year so far. The UK missed out on possibly two or three cases in 2022, so that's a definite improvement!

    This is the list of 2023 cases. Rows two and three are the US release dates and date stamps. The following rows are the UK release dates, date stamps and where they have been found. I welcome any additional information!

    The has been an (unconfirmed) siting of the 96CL case at Smyths. I've been to a few in various parts of England since then and haven't seen it so far!
    Case CB Case CC Case CD Case CE Case CF Case CG Case CH Case CJ Case CK Case CL Case CM
    Dec 2022 Jan 2023 Feb 2023 Mar 2023 Mar 2023 May 2023 Jun 2023 Jul 2023 Aug 2023 Sep 2023 Oct 2023
    R38A R42A R47A . . . . . . S24A
    Dec 2022 Jan 2023 Mar 2023 Apr 2023 Apr 2023 Jun 2023 Jul 2023 Jul 2023 Aug 2023 Aug 2023
    R40A R44A R49A S03A S05A S09A S13A S17A S23A
    B&M Smyths Smyths Toymaster Smyths B&M B&M Smyths Smyths Smyths
    Morrisons Toymaster Entertainer Smyths Toymaster B&M
    ALDI Entertainer