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Show Us Your Favorite Mattel Metal Mini Racer Lightening McQueen.

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  • Show Us Your Favorite Mattel Metal Mini Racer Lightening McQueen.

    Presently, there are 17 Mattel Metal Mini Racer versions (not counting China vs Thailand vs Vietnam vs Malaysia vs ? manufacturing variations).

    We have been promised 2 more (Silver McQueen, Dinaco Dreams non-metallic blue McQueen), but they haven't appeared. Obviously, there is room for a few others too as Officer McQueen kind of blew the doors off of possibilities (I hope they don't go overboard with minis in the same vein as the 1:55 series).

    Which is your favorite?

    (note: this photo shows 19 cars as it has two Eli/JoJo customs, Impound McQueen and Dinaco Dreams non-metallic blue McQueen).

    I'll vote. I do like Crusin' LMQ the best.

    17 official mattel metal mini racer LMQ cars, plus 2 eli/jojo customs.
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    Wow! That's a lot of different Lightning McQueen Mini Racers, FischAutoTechGarten! I had no idea that many of them had been released... of course I haven't opened more than 6 of the blind bag or blind box racers (none were McQueen)... and I've passed on the 5, 10, and 15 packs so there's a few more of those I don't have... I have seen a couple of them in 3 packs that I haven't opened yet... of the ones in your photo that I have I'd go with either the metallic blue Dinoco McQueen or the Metallic blue Fabulous Lightning McQueen... and least I think I have the Metallic Blue Fabulous Lightning McQueen.

    Great topic! Great photo... sorry I missed this when you first posted it.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom


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      What's crazy is they just showed one more the other day.... It's a render... not a photo... so who knows if we will actually see it lmqcars1crusinracin.jpg :
      Cars1 RaceDay Cruisin' LMQ (That's Cars1 Cruisin McQueen w/ his spoiler re-installed, lightyear race tires in lieu of white-walls, and a number 95 painted in a circle as he raced in LA). They showed this render alongside the ˇSaludosAmigos! Ramone, and we know there have been spy photos of that car. So a good chance we will see this LMQ.
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        Which is your favorite? Received Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen and added him to the pack.... now featuring 20 cars (18 official, 2 customs).

        I imagine that we might some day see the actual release of the previously shown Dinoco Blue LMQ (mine is a custom) or the Silver Series LMQ.

        I'm hoping we will see some LMQ World Grand Prix versions from Cars2 some day. I don't recall if he wore a different WPG liveries in Japan, Italy and the UK? I'd have to watch the movie again.


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          I haven't done one of these in a while. There are now 28 offical LMQ releases (this does not count variants of metallic dinoco lmq or primer lmq)..

          Dragon LMQ joins the mix.