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  • and last, Z

    The PCD CARS alphabet posts. The weekly series in which you all can participate come to an end with the letter Z. You can post all you like about CARS starting with the letter Z.

    The Z is a difficult one, there are a few characters, but not too many. To celebrate them custom builders, here is a nice one to create. I haven't found the correct size yet, don't know if it exists, but for Zil you would need a 1951 ZIL 112/1. A racer from the former Soviet Union. The 1:43 model is from a Russian Diecast company DiP, but is a bit expensive to use as donor for a custom (that is for me so I will continue my search ). Zil was originally going to be the main antagonist in Cars 2, but was ultimately dropped in favor of Professor Z.
    • Zil

    Anatomical illustrations by Jake Parker

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    I'll take it E "Z".
    Professor Z2.jpg


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      Not very many with the letter Z... this is a stretch... Cars 3 Piston Cup Racer Jimmy Cables (Intersection) with the number 00.... Zero Zero...

      Photo coming.

      There were a couple more mentioned on the PCD Facebook group.... 1 is from Cars 2 and has a variant... 1 is from Planes Fire and Rescue.

      I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom