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Removal of Question 1...

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  • Removal of Question 1...

    Hello All,

    For those of you who are wondering why Question 1 has disappeared from the Spotlight interviews (the "How old are you" question), the Management team were discussing future spotlight questions when we discussed the appropriatness of an "age" question.

    We decided that given that this forum may have some younger members posting on here we shouldn't be advertising their age to make life easier for cyber-stalkers.

    Therefore I'm now going through all of the existing spotlight interviews and removing this information

    I hope everyone understands

    The PCD Management Team

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    That's a very good point. Very responsible and admirable

    Transformers for Trade


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      My Spotlight on interview should be coming up soon... while I was writing my answers something extremely weird happened and deleted everything until around Quesiton 6 or 7. I then tried to redo it and fix it but then I forgot to list my age and all of the question numbers were one off and I have no idea why it happened haha... I guess I made it easier for you guys so now you won't have to fix it.


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        Good call guys, always looking out for us, thanks