Hi all,
Haven't posted for a while, been busy doing some customs, pics to come
I have put together some surplus cars and other rare diecasts, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox,Majorette, Impy,Tomica and of course Hotwheels
Looking to trade for
Fabrizio 1.55 scale
Nasca truck
Mrs mini
Private eyes
Harley gassup
Materhosen mater
Petey pacer
Long ge 1.55 scale
Tolga trunkov
Cartney brakin
Mama Bernoulli
Petro cartalina
Alex hugo
Mary esgocar
Frosty also many others
Can be loose in decent condition
Will trade well for any of the above
Based in the UK
Contact me at g.jones2002@yahoo.co.uk