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Thread: RARE and Hard to Find Cars

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    Hooman is ready to fall off the list.

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    I made a bunch of updates today and removed a lot of items that have been re-released. Some others, like Choke Cables I pulled out as well even though the original cardback still is hard to find - but the re-release last year of him added so many more out there that I can't call it rare anymore. Same thing with Frank the Combine.

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    You might want to remove Dash Boardman from the Exclusive part. He was re-released as a single in 2015. Unless it is different than the original?
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    Ivan was released as a 2014 deluxe in "Lemons".

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    Coriander Widetrack was recently released in a Target Exclusive 7-car pack in 2013.

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    Number 19 on the very rare list

    Quote Originally Posted by PopeMobile View Post
    Current as of 1/14/16. I have limited the list to include the Diecast 1:55 scale, some larger rarities like the D23 Mcqueen, and some Playset. Items are grouped into categories below (i.e. very rare, medium-rare, etc). The number next to the item does not matter - therefore #7 on the list is NOT necessarily more rare than #21. I value your input but please understand that there are differences of opinion at times and some may not agree with everything on the list.

    Very Rare
    1) Speedway of the South Set (only 1000 made)
    2) 2006 Factory Sealed Set (only 500 made)
    3) Snot Rod w/confetti (approx less than 100 made)
    4) Tokyo Mater w/oil stains
    5) 3 Showstoppers (Laverne, Rhonda, Sheila)
    6) Bubba
    7) Bessie (had a re-release in 2015 but the original cardback is still rare)
    8) D23 chrome McQueen (only 250 made)
    9) Vertical 3 pack Sparemint
    10) Supercharged Flea and Flik US Card (English only)
    11) Supercharged Rusty and Dusty US Card (English only)
    12) Super Chase Australia (Frosty)
    13) Super Chase Mexico (Memo Rojas)
    14) Super Chase Russia (Vitaly)
    15) UK Disney Store "Country Flag" McQueen (only 500 made)
    16) El Materdor
    17) Taia Decotura
    18) Taco Truck Mater
    19) Rollin Bowlin Mater - Character Pack [with teal Mater/Rollin' Bowlin' Mater, Sheriff, Sally, purple Ramone, Doc Hudson, Wingo]
    20) Rip Clutchgoneski launcher
    21) PopeMobile International Card
    22) French promo Gask-its
    23) Motorama (authentic with goodie bag given out at Pixar picnic)
    24) JL Surf Truck (given out by John Lassetire to Pixar Crew on Cars 2 Movie)
    25) D23 Convoy Brothers Set (only ~1300 produced)
    26) D23 Albert Hinckley

    Medium Rare
    1) All 3 Luigi / Guido with paint rollers cards (US, International, and Canadian/Singapore)
    2) Dirt Track Doc Hudson vertical 3 pack
    3) Horizontal 3 pack Sparemint
    4) 3 Cousins (Jud, Buford, Cletus)
    5) Mia/Tia 1:18 - 5000
    6) Race Damaged Mood Springs
    7) Sally w/Cone on short ROR card
    8) Snow Day Sally storytellers
    9) Meet at Flo's set
    10) Flo's V8 Cafe (first printing - original set)
    11) Horizontal 3 pack Nitroade Crew - US version
    12) Lightning Storm McQueen from SDCC
    13) Suds Mater from SDCC
    14) Van with Sticker on rear Nice Butte
    15) Supercharged Rusty and Dusty (Greek Card)
    16) Supercharged Flea and Flik US Card (Greek Card)
    17) Brian Parks
    18) Derek Decal Dobbs
    19 Swift alternator
    20) Prince Wheeliam
    21) Blu-Ray Finn McMissile (must have Top Secret bag and box from D23 expo as the car itself was re-released)
    22) Blu-Ray Mcqueen with brown envelope original packaging
    23) John Lassetire
    24) Fred Fisbowski
    25) Black Mack Hauler
    26) Chuy
    27) Tyler Gremlin/Professor Z Walmart Exclusive 2 pack
    28) Bumper Save Hauler (Target exclusive)
    29) Character Pack [with Sarge, Fillmore, original Lightning McQueen, King, Chick, Lizzie] [classic]
    30) Cruise Night [with Mater, Sheriff, Doc Hudson, Sally, purple Ramone, red Cruisin' McQueen] [Supercharged]
    31) Speedway 6 [with Dinoco McQueen, Chick, King, Ferrari F430, Nitroade, RPM #64] [Supercharged]
    32) Dinoco 400 - 8 piece set
    33) Radiator Springs Gift Pack - 5 piece set [Supercharged]
    34) 10 Car Value Pack
    35) Metallic Frosty (released in Australia only)
    36) Super Chase Trike Feldman
    37) Super Chase Luigi/Guido Fans
    38) Super Chase Yukio
    39) Super Chase Hiroaki
    40) Super Chase Takeshi
    41) Super Chase Sweden (Flash)
    42) Super Chase China (Long Ge)
    43) Super Chase Carateka
    44) All other SuperChase cars released (about 5 per year)

    Exclusives- (these are cars released only in a set at retailers but never as a single. None of these have been re-released to date so rarity is there once the set disappears from stores. I removed a bunch from this list on 3/17/15 since many items that were once a set exclusive have now been re-released as singles.)
    1) Murphy
    2) Charlie Cargo
    3) Frank Pinkerton
    4) Santa Car in 3-pack Mater Saves Christmas set
    5) Tim Rimmer (non lenty)
    6) Professor Z Web (aka Noodle Z)

    Items With Only ONE Ever Made (these are cars not included in the rarity lists above since one was only ever made of each and you will never own it and it's really no different than just having a custom car done.
    1) McQueen 'The ONE'
    2) Vinyl McQueen Hauler (only one prototype ever made that was boxed - was sold on ebay in Feb 2015)
    3) Walmart Hauler (another prototype of only one ever made - font of writing was rejected by Walmart - sold on ebay Mar 2015)
    I have a mint condition boxed set , number 19 on your very rare list, how rare is it? I know to have the Rowlin bowlin mater in teal was quite odd in the boxed set as he only appeared in the flashback sequence. I'd love to know how many were made

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    Rollin' Bowlin' Mater never appeared in the film. The flashback scene featured "Brand New Mater". Rollin' Bowlin' was only made for the play-set. And the 2006 Factory Sealed set. On a singles cardback. The Factory Sealed set was a production run of 500. As for how many Rollin' Bowlin' Mater play-sets were made. I don't think anyone in the collector's community actually knows. And also a boxed set sold at B.J.'s Warehouse. Additionally there were a few unauthorized carded ones that were sold out of China. And possibly a few loose ones as well.

    The last two completed Ebay sales for the playset. Were around $30 and $40 shipped FWIW.
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    Thank you for clarifying, I now see I have the 'new' mater along with Sally, doc, sheriff, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S pavitt View Post
    Thank you for clarifying, I now see I have the 'new' mater along with Sally, doc, sheriff, etc.
    Sorry but I laughed out loud there lol

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