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Thread: Show Us Your Favorite: Lightning McQueen

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    Show Us Your Favorite: Lightning McQueen

    Its only fitting we continue this part of the forum with Lightning McQueen!

    I have many that I dont have but is probably my favorite is Blu-ray! But of the ones I have I will go with this guy...

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    thats a nice one

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    I'm not sure I can just pick one... but since that's what the topic asks for that's what I'll have to do... I've narrowed it down to 5 including the one Scavenger shows in the first post... I'll upload a photo showing just one later tonight.

    So it turns out I actually narrowed it down to 7 including the one in Scavenger's picture... here are my other nominees:

    From the Cars Character Encyclopedia:

    Prototype from the Cars Character Encyclopedia:

    German Promo McQueen with Stickers:

    Blu-Ray McQueen:

    SDCC Lightning Storm McQueen:

    Cars 2 Lightning McQueen with Metallic finish - I'd like this one much better if it were unibody.

    I'm not counting my Custom ToyRevolution custom Red Ransburg McQueen - it is a beautiful Car.

    If I have to pick just one of these to be my favorite... I pick the McQueen from the Cars Character Encyclopedia:

    I love the metallic paint... the unibody design... and the way the yellow around the tire rims stands out against the red.

    What did all my favorite McQueens have in common?

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    with well over a hundred to choose from

    I think my favorite has to be my first custom I made 7 years ago

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    Keeping with my Tokyo Mater theme, this is my favorite LMQ:

    Dragon Lightning McQueen with metallic finish

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    Mine's gotta be after all these years...

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    This is my favorite McQueen:

    It is Spinout McQueen. I like how the tires are around the eyes and the wooden fence is on the back.
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    All of my McQueens are my favorites. I have two complete display cases just for my Lightning McQueens but…here are 3 I like a lot.

    I like all the Tokyo Mater Cars especially this one.

    I like Christmas & I like McQueen so...what could be better than combining the two.

    And of course this beauty.

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    Chris, all of your McQueens were metallic.

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    Very cool guys!! I am afraid I am unable to trump any of those cool choices before me but there are so many different Lightning's to choose from. But for me, from my collection, I am going with the Final Lap LMQ. I like the way his front wheels are cambered so it gives the impression he is struggling to reach the finish line and with his long tongue and missing rear tyres, it's a mini work of art that really capture that part of the film. I also like the look on his face too, he can't always be smiling!

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