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Thread: Bumper Save's Collection

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    Here is my latest end-of-summer update:

    Jerome Ramped, Stefan Gremsky, Shiny Wax, Tank Coat, Vitoline and Nitroade variants, Eric Roadales, Studs McGirdle, Impound Wingo, Mater with Balloon

    Holley Shiftwell with Electroshock Device, Justin Partson, Jesse Haullander, Michael Sparkber, Sedanya Oskanian, Dan Sclarkenberg, Kim Carllins, Brake Boyd, Artist Ramone, Otis

    and long awaited (no pun intended) Super Chase Long Ge.

    This makes the total*810 Cars!*(And 7 error Cars, 2 miscellaneous vehicles)

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    nice one mate, keep er lit!

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    Here's my latest update with finds from the last couple of months including ones I found yesterday:

    2017 Coriander Widetrack variant, One Eye Mater, Flat Eyes variants of Octane Gain, Lil Torquey Pistons, Retread, and Mood Springs, Finn McMissile with Breather, SUPER CHASE Circus Pickup, Flat Eyes variant of Tar McQueen (from the RSC pack with Guido), Green Ramone with Paint Gun, Guido with Rollers and Buckets, Alex Machino, Bob Pulley, Japeth, Andy Vaporlock, Wilmar Flattz, Darla Vanderson and Brad Winmiler.

    Wilmar Flattz, finally released with fixed eyes, replaces my custom flat-eye Wilmar, so I've removed that from the total along with my custom Hi-Lo Ramone because I really haven't ever liked the way that one came out so I took it off display. And I got rid of the "errors" that were actually just two cars floating around in the bubble, those were a waste of money and wall space

    This makes the total*826 Cars!*(And 5*error Cars, 2 miscellaneous vehicles)

    I'm not sure how I feel about Cars 3 so far based on trailers and the diecast previews I've seen. It's looking towards a no from me right now, but check back later once the movie comes out!

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    Thank you photobucket for taking down all of my pictures.

    I intend to reorganize my room to allow for more shelving to house Cars 3 anyway. Going to be a huge project, not sure when it will get done....if ever....going to post new pics after

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    Below is everything I've added since my last pictures (that Photobucket took down) - including everything Cars 3 I have. It's a total of 67 new cars, so I don't think I need to name all of them for you - I've added some more shelves to my Cars display but didn't get a chance to reorganize everything and dust the collection before I went back to college. Planning on doing that over the winter break and getting some updated full-collection photos up to replace the ones that got taken down.

    This makes the total 893 Cars! (And 5 error Cars, 2 miscellaneous vehicles)
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    Great new photos, Bumper Save! Thank you for sharing.

    It is a lot more challenging to post photos since Photobucket did what they did.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Geez, it has been a while. I haven't gotten nearly anything new. My drive to collect is fading and it's kind of sad but I just can't really get into what they have available right now. Not sure where to go from here regarding my collection but I'm glad that I've been a part of this community

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