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Thread: New Planes in the 2015/6 series

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    New Planes in the 2015/6 series

    I found some new Planes that will be in the 2015/6 series.... Credits to Take5aday!

    CHoPs Night
    " Blazin " Blade Ranger ( Deluxe )
    Blade Ranger ( Deluxe )
    Zed Custard
    Lil' Dipper

    Grand Fusel Lodge
    Cad Spinner
    Bessie C. Flywell

    Corn Fest
    Refurbished Mayday

    WATG Racers

    Propwash Junction

    Racing Sports Network

    Nebraska Trials
    Piston #12

    Piston Peak
    Ol' Jammer

    Will update as more come.
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    That's interesting, I like Blade Ranger with working hoist

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