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Thread: PCD 5th Anniversary Contest - Now Open

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    I love the information on new finds. It helps a lot in the collecting. Also I love to see other people's collection and display ideas. I'd like to see where (which state) people find their items. One of my favourites is a custom I did, Trev. I hope they make it available someday like Albert Hinkey.


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    5th Anniversary Contest Prize Winners Announced: 6/2/16

    The random drawings for the PCD 5th Anniversary Contest have been held... Here are the prizes:

    1. A set of Frosty - this includes Neon Frosty and Ice Racer Frosty (and possibly additional Frosty) -Ru5ty
    2. A Target RS Team Lightning McQueen - Toyfountain
    3. Courtesy of GOMATERGO, a Planes Vitaminamulch 3 Plane Gift Pack
    4. Courtesy of Ferris, a Super Chase set consisting of Carateka and Ciao Francesco - Jay Mac
    5. Courtesy of Chantell Shocka Dunn and me, a Super Chase Bud (cardback is not mint) - Karla Escobar
    6. A Super Chase Circus Cab (cardback is not mint)

    As mentioned in the lead post, postage costs are the responsibilities of the prize winners.

    Here are the results of the drawings:
    1. Ru5ty - has selected the set of Frosty Cars
    2. Karla Escobar - has selected the Super Chase Bud
    3. Jackaloop Toyfountain - has selected the Target RS Team Lightning McQueen
    4. Jay Mac - has selected the SC Carateka/Ciao Francesco package
    5. Nicolino Montesano - choice of the remaining 2 prizes
    6. VANDANCE - remaining prize

    And here are the results of the coloring contest - 2 Bessie awarded as prizes
    1. Zack Willis (Ru Willis)
    2. VANDANCE daughter

    In the even that prize winners decline their prizes, alternate winners will be announced.

    Thank you to everyone who entered... and to all who support and our Cars community.


    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Congrats to all the winners!!

    And thanks again Chris for organizing. And thanks to everyone who donated prizes!

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    Thanks to all involved for the fun and for putting these competitions together!

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    Definitely a great start to a lovely day... thank you pcd

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