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Article: Respect the Classics: The Convoy Brothers

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    Respect the Classics: The Convoy Brothers

    5 Comments by cac1959 Published on 05-27-2016 06:29 PM

    One of my favorite parts of my Cars and Planes collection is the RVs... there have been many great RVs released over the years... but my favorite is probably the Convoy Brothers... The Convoy Brothers were the 2013 D23 Cars exclusive... they came inside a nice looking Dinoco box:

    Side view:

    In front of the Dinoco tent:

    For the price, I wish the barrels would have been plastic and not cardboard cutouts.

    Give me a K!

    Give me an I!

    Gimme an N!

    Gimme a G!

    What's that spell?

    Here's the UPC:

    The grass on the box looks real:

    Yes, it says it is the Convoy Brothers.

    For the adult collector:

    I only have 1 Convoy Brothers set... and with eBay prices of $350 to $800 plus shipping as of 5/27/2016, I'm not going to be adding another to my collection.

    Although if I were going to buy one, it would be this one:

    This is the agent for Martin Arriola, the person who designed most of the original Cars that we have come to love... The price includes Martin autographing the box and an autographed pastel artwork as well...

    I have 4 items in my Cars collection that Martin autographed and I would love this... but we need a new refrigerator in the kitchen and need to do a few things around the house as well.

    I've not opened the box nor will I... but I will see about taking more pictures one of these days... or uploading more if I've already taken them (which is also likely).

    As always, thanks for reading... I appreciate your comments.


    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Didn't want to view this post... but had tooooo, ahhhh so lovely!!!! For the adult collector ha ha, should have said for US Citizens Adult collectors Only... not at all regionally discriminative.. rant rant.. sorry I lost it a bit there. Nice post and pic's, cheers for sharing

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    Yeah, I feel for some the overseas collectors. But here in the states when know the pain of regional/national distribution inequalities..i.e. El Matador or West coast vs East coast vs the Midwest.
    May the Fortune of the Hunt Be With You Jeff/

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    Great article Chris!!
    Definitely the best of the convention pieces!!

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    Excellent article, thanks Chris!

    Although I've never seen any of the convention models in person/car, of the photos I've seen, this set is my favourite. The photos in this article, are the best I've seen too.

    Personally, I won't ever get this or any convention model due to cost. Would much prefer they were on mattel's website rather than someone having to buy a convention ticket, line up and buy some on behalf of others. And then having to put the resale price up to cover all their costs (including getting there!).

    I suppose mattel see it as creating supply and demand and keeping interest high in collecting.

    I also suppose we should be grateful that they bother to do them at all when I doubt they make much money off them themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Frosty View Post
    I suppose mattel see it as creating supply and demand and keeping interest high in collecting.
    I agree, Mattel and Disney have made billions on the Cars Brand. With almost no advertising cost. If they keep us online folks buzzing about it. It's only a Google search away for any new customers to find the rabbit hole.

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