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Thread: Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2017 Finds

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    found fireball beach 4 pack today for 17 quid, quite nice but ...I left it

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    Hi all,
    Wasn't sure where I should post this message.

    Bought a number of Desert Race 11 packs for myself and some friends whilst on holiday recently and I still have one left to spare which I can offer to anyone interested on here at cost + postage. It cost $44.99 plus 6.5% sales tax which is roughly £40 I think. Postage would be recorded mail, not sure on the exact cost of that yet. Obviously would be well packed to avoid any damage during transit.
    First come, first serve as I only have the one available.

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    any cars 3 I have bought I have taken back to the shop for a refund, as I feel 6.20 is way to expensive, i.ll wait til the price comes down, think ru5ty is doing the same but is waiting on them coming to home bargains etc, which I suppose is fair enough

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