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Thread: Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2017 Finds

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    smyths, now have dif prices for dif cars, eg natalie 2.99, mater 4.99, the rest 5.99,

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    if you cant beat ,em, join them, i,m off to facebook!

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    It's not UK finds news as such, but it's been reported that Toys R Us in the UK are downsizing and shutting a number of stores next year ....

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    Thank you for posting the link to the story, niftynigel... unfortunately the state of retail does not appear to be getting any better... supposedly TRU is going to be shutting stores and moving to smaller stores in the US as well...

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    Found the latest mini racers in a Tesco yesterday, picked up metallic LMQ, dirt track LMQ, Splutter Stop and Octane Gain. There were more but I like to get just a few at a time!

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