Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

Are you making any 2017 Cars collecting resolutions?

I've decided to actually go through with selling part of my carded Cars collection - I've got way too many that I don't need... I'm also going to not purchase as many new Cars in 2017 compared to previous years... but we'll see how that goes.

I do plan on buying Cars 3 Cars - definitely the Piston Cup racers and new Cars... but I'm not sure I'll be buying everything that's released... by having haulers I don't need the cab only semis... by having the Sarge's Boot Camp boxed set from TRU I don't need the Sarge's Boot camp Cars... by having Brian Fee Clamp in a 2 pack with Artie I don't need to buy the Deluxe carded versions.

I do plan on taking vacation days on May 1, the day that Cars 3 toys go on sale, and June 16, the day that Cars 3 is released in theaters in the US.

Feel free to post your 2017 Cars collecting resolutions.