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Thread: Hot Wheels - 2017

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    Hot Wheels - 2017

    I have found my first Super Treasure Hunt of 2017.

    The '17 Ford GT, found in Poundworld (UK).

    I'm really pleased to find this car as it is my Favourite Super Treasure Hunt from 2016.


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    Special find right there, I had to result to e-bay to get one of those bad boys. Congrats to you, I have not found a $upper in the wild for 6 months + now.

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    Found the Toyaota Off-Road Truck Super Treasure Hunt today at Morrisons
    Really nice model

    Super Treasure Hunt Toyota Off-Road Truck.jpg
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    Hi people. I've not been here on here for a while. I've stopped collecting Disney Cars now and I'm concentrating on Hot Wheels. Will put a few pics up soon of recent finds. I'm always looking for trades too. UK based.

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    Nice finds Pirelliboy. I have only found the Toyota truck on shortie card so far this year. I have loads of supers going back to 2000. Pm me if u have a trades list and I will try and help!

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    Great finds Pirelliboy, also congrats on finding a Super on a short card Vandance, they are incredibly hard to find.

    I found my fourth Super Treasure Hunt of the year on Saturday, Nitro Doorslammer at B&M.


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    Awesome find. I have been to several b&m in my area since last week. I saw long cards were being distributed so checked all branches i a 25 mile raduis. It is a fact that our chances of supers are increased ten fold on long cards...great find and gives us collectors hope!

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    Great HW finds, rossibutton, pirelliboy, and VANDANCE! Glad to see that they are turning up in the UK.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    I don't believe that is a treasure hunt. The circle flame logo only applies to the basic line.
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