We are now less than 1 month away from the release of the Cars 3 movie in the US... I don't know about you, but I can't wait.

One of the scenes I'm most looking forward to in the movie takes place at Fireball Beach... In addition to the Desert Race 11-pack, Target has released a 4 Car boxed set call the Fireball Beach Race 4-pack... this boxed set includes 2 first look Cars, Sandy Cruz Ramirez and Sandy Rust-eze Racing Center Lightning McQueen as well as a Luigi with a checkered flag that we haven't seen before and Guido with a Rust-eze Racing Center tool box... Here's the back of the box:

Here's the UPC:

The DPCI for this boxed set is 087-07-4057... it sells for $15.99... according to brickseek's Target Inventory Checker it is in stock at every Target store within 75 miles of my home - that's good, as the closest Target is between 40 and 50 miles away.

Here is a closeup showing the 2 first look Cars:

Once I open this 4 pack I'll take close up pictures of the 4 Cars and their accessories.

At $15.99 I have bought 2 of these for myself - 1 to open and 1 to keep boxed... I've not bought 2 of the Desert Race 11-pack because $44.99 is not cheap... I've also bought a few of these for overseas friends and bought another which I sent to the UK in a trade for the UK Rust-eze Racing Center McQueen single.

Again, note the Only at Target sticker on the front of the box.

For those of you in the UK who would like help with this boxed set I will do what I can... I will need you to send me payment for the merchandise up front.

As far as who wins the Fireball Beach Race - I don't know yet, and even if I did I wouldn't tell you - I don't want to spoil the movie for any of you... you are all aware that there is a Cars 3 movie coming out soon, aren't you?

Thanks for reading... as always, I appreciate your comments.