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Thread: SamB2003's Collection

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    No problem, nice scores! Btw, there is a new case in Australia that has some demolition derby racers (Pushover, Broadside, etc) and some Piston Cup racers (Darren Leadfoot, Ernie Gearson, etc). I have only seen it at Big W, Woolworths and Kmart so far.

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    Here's three new cars I got, which are Cartney Carsper, Alloy Hemberger and Craig Faster.

    TOTAL: 104 cars and planes.

    Next update will be a surprise...

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    Thanks Aus.

    Anyways, the surprise is... *drumroll* I NOW HAVE A SHELF! I put all my cars on there, but I have four empty ones below. I’m missing some cars like Off-road mater and LMQ Chester whipplefilter which is around in my house somewhere.

    Now, take a look at my shelves. BTW, the thing on top is my RS Courthouse which I made at school back in October. Also, I don’t know why the first pic is rotated 190 degrees.


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    No problem, awesome shelf! Also, just curious, but which stop sign does your Miss Fritter have?

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    Oh nvm, saw it in your first pic

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    Found Ryan "Inside" Laney the other day at Kmart and a 2-yr old Silver Racers Raoul yesterday at TRU. I'm happy now since they get in new C3 stock at my Kmart area!


    And here's a random pic at my made Flo's V8 Cafe I did in school. Hope you like it! :3


    Total: 106 cars and planes!

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    Oh my gosh, congrats on finding Ryan! Found Rust-eze LMQ from the same case at Kmart today. Hoping to find Patty, Pileup, Frances, Ryan, Chase and Bubba soon

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    I saw Patty, Pileup, Bubba, and Chase too at my Kmart today. No sign of Frances yet.

    And I've also picked up a Rusteze LMQ like you today.

    TOTAL: 107 Cars and Planes!
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    Another awesome new score! Also, just curious, but why didn't ye get Patty, Pileup, Bubba and Chase?

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