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Thread: SamB2003's Collection

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    SamB2003's Collection

    Here is my Cars and Planes diecast collection so far...Enjoy!

    My Cars collection.jpg

    TOTAL: 82 Cars, 4 Planes
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    Was there supposed to be a pic? Cool collection anyways!

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    Yes, I'm really sure, and thanks.

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    No problem! For some reason, I don't see a pic. :/

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    That's weird, but whatever...

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, the pic is showing up for me.
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    Can you please try reposting the pic?

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    Try and see now, I've reposted it as an attachment

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    Nice collection, SamB2003!

    Ever since Photobucket made changes, many pictures are not displaying... posting as attachments tends to work best - I try to use Tapatalk on my phone to upload photos now... I just haven't gone through to move 7000+ photos over from Photobucket to Tapatalk.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    I see the picture now. Great collection!

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    Thanks, Aussie McQ.

    Here’s an update I have, which is 13 new cars (not 14 because on the far left, there is Buck Bearingly which was finally found in my house).

    And to say, I finally HIT 100 CARS! (including the planes in one big section.) But I didn’t hold onto 100 for long, I also got a Fillmore in the Cars 3 cardback, which I forgot to put in the pic. Sorry.

    Total right now is 101 Cars.

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