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    Red face Wingo

    Hi guys I'm new here and don't collect as such however we have a tonne of cars from cars movies, which I love. I am always on the look out for a couple of rare cars to put away for my children for when they are older. I have a pizza truck from toy story and have recently purchased Wingo from cars. My question is, is there a version of Wingo which is a rare car? I don't think there is but thought I would your opinions on this before I let him open it.


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    There were a couple production variants of Wingo. Mostly due to the time between paint lots. The casting itself hasn't changed. There was a Chase release with a wheel boot. But really the only Wingo that holds any additional value. Is the original Desert art packaging.
    Which are currently selling for around $10 -$20 or so.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply, that's great, my kids can open it then :-)

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