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Thread: G'day from Wa

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    G'day from Wa

    Hello from Western Australia,
    I'm Neil, originally from Sunny Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk UK. Been in Oz for nearly ten years and after a year of buying disney cars for my son, decided to collect McQueens. I do stray to the odd other car if i like it or if its related, i.e. Lightning Ramone...
    Anyways. I recognise a few names on here from another cars forum and hope to use this place to gain more knowledge of increasing my lmq to a greater number. What i want to know is who sells what and where, so i can ring my poor dad and make him run around the toy shops of East Anglia for me! Hopefully i can work in league with the others from down under and we all benefit.

    Speak soon

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    Welcome to PCD!
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    Welcome! I too am from Australia, however, I am from Melbourne, so I'm not exactly sure what the Cars availability's like in WA. Hope you have a great time on this forum!

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    Greetings, dinoco slurpee! Welcome to PCD - glad to have you with us... there are a lot of Lightning McQueen Cars to go back and pick up going back to Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3... and the various Cars Toons from Mater's Tall Tales... and that doesn't include variants... you may have to rely on others to add some of those to your collection... that has been a consistent theme going back the entire 10 years plus that I have been collecting.

    Anyway, thanks for joining and for posting your introduction... there are some good people here and on our Facebook group and other Cars forums... from eastern Indiana... Chris

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm also from Australia too, like Aussie McQueen, but I live in Canberra.

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    Thanks for your replies, sam, you may know me from the disney cars ' the toys ' forum where my username is 'frightning mcscream'. Nice to see a familiar name here

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    Welcome over here too!

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