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Thread: Can you identify these two?

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    Can you identify these two?

    Saw these two jumbled in amongst all the cars 3 cards today at a random supermarket, i was in a real hurry with a toddler on my shoulders so all i could manage was a photo.

    Are they worth buying for resale, to continue funding my lmq habit?


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    Wilmar Flattz is on the left... Matti, a reporter, is on the right.

    I want to say that they are 2 to 3 years old... Wilmar was originally only released as a lenticular (Look my eyes change) until this release... Matti had previously been released in the Target (USA) Final Lap series... a new collector may want them, but those of us who have been collecting for years already have them...

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    Like cac1959 said, on the left is Wilmar Flattz, a LMQ fan and on the right is Matti, a Piston Cup Reporter. They're not extremely rare, but I would definitely buy them for resale,if I were you.
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    Those are Wilmar Flatz and Matti.

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    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I'm starting to buy, trade and sell to easily afford new lmqs so i may buy them for resale.
    We're having a family drive down south tomorrow and the minister of finance has ok'd me to look in a couple of toy shops on the way. My guess is that they should have a bit of old stock. If i dont have any luck then I'll get these on sunday.

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    Just an FYI, neither are fetching better than (or less than) retail price on eBay. Always helpful to use eBay's "advanced" search. It's just to the right of the big blue search button. Check "completed" or "sold" to get a feel for current second market prices.

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    Thanks for the heads up, i don't mind admitting that i am not in the know of which characters/models make me a bit of spending money. I left those two but did pick up a rusty japeth to sell or at least help someone out. I've never sold anything online so i may as well have a go, learn a bit, make a bit, lose a bit and see if its for me or not. I'm a terrible businessman, i like helping out and doing favours but all i wanna do is to be able to afford these McQueens without touching our income! That should keep the wife happy!

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