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Thread: Uk Toys R Us hunt

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    Uk Toys R Us hunt


    This weekend my poor dad is going to have a sniff around in toys r us in the uk for me, I've confirmed they have a lmq carbon racer in stock, do you know of any other exclusives or interesting lmqs he may find? Anything i should tell him to look for?


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    You may have seen some of these in Australia, but here are a few Cars items I'd recommend that your dad look for at UK TRU stores (they have not appeared in the US)

    Radiator Springs Classic singles:
    Intro Ramone (blue), Primer McQueen, Sally (new expression), Fillmore (new expression)

    Radiator Springs Classic Deluxe:
    Scott Tiller
    Tractor - only if you don't have and want - it's previously been released in multi-packs and in boxed sets (Tractor Stampede) and as a Deluxe

    You can see some of the 2017 UK finds in this thread:

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    Perfect, thanks, thats just what I was looking for

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