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Thread: Missing in Action - where are they, Mattel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raginpage View Post
    Cool. Toons galore. Looking forward to 2015. Where did case C with Ito San go though?
    Someone in Cali posted that he found him today. Pics were included.

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    ^ Well that's a few months too late! Would have been nice if a new Tokyo Mater Toon would get released in the line. I'd love to see Tansou or Sanban.

    However, it's still nice that Ito San finally made a reappearance. I'll be looking out for him but will probably buy no more than one.

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    There are unreleased MINI ADVENTURES Cars Packs: Dinoco 5-Pack: Mia and Tia:

    And the Highway 66 4-Pack (Boost, Wingo, DJ and Snot Rod are already released in separate two packs.

    The unreleased models in the Lightning McQueen display at the Peterson Automobile Museum are Bernie Caliper and Daredevil McQueen with Flames. Tokyo Mater with Ransburg finish has his spoiler removed for displaying purposes.
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    no longer will be missing in action 2015???

    a) Lewis Hamilton Crew Chief
    b) Red Honda Shu Todoroki Fan

    It is something like the red honda on left but holding a japan flag

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    Any news on otto Bonn winter melon

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    jonj, no news but will report if i hear any news

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    Here are unreleased vehicles found on Photobucket.

    Mini Adventures Kathy Copter:

    Body Paint Shop Ramone without Gun

    A Black and Green Sergeant from Cars 2 in London:

    Kabuto with Flames:

    Santa Car's Reindeer:

    WGP Japan Security Van (actually non-cannon)

    Silver Rip Clutchgoneski:

    Lights and Sounds Brent Mustangberger with Headset:

    Victor Hugo with his disgruntled eye expression:

    Surfing John Lasettire box design:

    Mater with his different eye expression:

    WGP Lightning McQueen with a grinning expression:

    Silver Guido, Luigi, Sarge, Mater and Rust-eze McQueen:

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    That Reindeer is awesome!

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    Kabuto with flames is in the new Toon 3 pack that is just turning up at Walmart... also includes Kabuto Ninja and Cho.

    Look for pictures in the near future.

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