One loose mint Funny Mater for one of following:
loose/carded Stu Bop
RPM Hauler (boxed)
Shifty Drug Hauler (boxed)

I can add some money for trade or just buy
RPM Hauler (boxed) - $30 + shipping cost
Shifty Drug Hauler (boxed) - $30 + shipping cost

Need following cars too, will buy or trade.
Cruise Night 6 Pack - Cruisin' McQueen, Ramone (purple), Sally, Mater, Sheriff, Doc Hudson - 6 Pack
Mater Saves Christmas 2009
Barney Stormin (metal wings) (loose or card)
Hoover with yellow flag (loose or card)
Yeti (loose or card)

Mini set, need carded one.
Radiator Springs : Cactus Lightning mcQueen and Doc Hudson
Race Rods: Sarge and Fillmore (would like to pay $20 + shipping for this one)
Racing Series Piston Cup:
Tank Coat and No Stall
RPM #64 and Shiny Wax

Holiday Target Sets, easter:
Fillmore's Festival Lightning McQueen and Mater

Halloween 2008:
Fillmore's Festival Fillmore and Doc Hudson
Race Rods Mater and Sarge
Tunerz Lightning McQueen and Ramone

Christmas 2008:
Tunerz Lightning McQueen and Mater
Parade of Classics Ramone and Lightning McQueen
Radiator Springs Fire Department Red and Lizzie

Have many cars to trade.