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Thread: What is your most rare Cars item?

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    The ones i would consider rare in my collection is ..

    No stall hauler - boxed.
    Brian park motors - boxed.
    Shiny wax pitty.

    Im sure theres probably more but not sure what is considered rare any more with so many cars popping up on ebay.

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    I'll probably have to go for:

    Chase Van WITH sticker
    Chuck "Choke" Cables

    and to a lesser extent:

    Brian Park Motors
    Stu Bop

    Well these cars are highly desired

    I'm also the proud owner of a very earlt prototype (design not complete yet) PCD racer...

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    I'd have to say my white CTT Custom Racer. Less of them made than my Factory Custom Red Ransburg V.blah blah something.
    (The one without the "Team '09" bit.)

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    the most i paid for a single car was for a custom apple icar but i guess the rarest are probably the three cousins

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    nice custom mr b
    does this mean we are going to see some more

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    There'll be a v2 coming in the next few weeks...

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    Sweet custom Mr. B! I had the idea for a PCD custom a while back but it was just a distant dream. You get the props for actually doing it!

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    The rarest car I own is the one my son gave me for christmas, lightning mcqueen with rusteze can, he purchased it with his pcoket money so means the world to me!

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    these two have to be my rarest cars 2 buys

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    For the rare cars is all of cars1 and some cars2 that I have a hard time to find them for last year and today.

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