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Thread: Rod Torque Redline

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    Rod Torque Redline

    I mentioned something a couple of days ago about Rod Torque Redline in the 2012 case D being different than other Rod Torque Redline diecasts; someone asked if I could show photos... Here you go:

    The Lane Mates (short card) Rod Torque Redline is definitely a different shade/class of paint - it almost looks matte as opposed to glossy.

    Notice anything else different? Probably not in this photo... Just that the color/finish of the paint is different.

    But you should be able to see it in this photo showing the Lane Mate, single, and Damaged Rod Torque Redline:

    I have the TRU 5 pack somewhere but can't easily get to it tonight.

    I'll try to open the lane mate tomorrow and take more photos... I like Rod Torque Redline... but I've been partial to blue for quite a while.

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    Thanks for taking the time to show the difference, I wasnt aware of this until the other day when it was mentioned.

    Once we get round to opening our Rods, ill try and take notice of any differences in paint

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    Last year when these cars were released, you could tell a difference between the regular numbered single which was glossy and the short card which had a matte finish. I bought the glossy one. Didn't make much sense to have a glossy damaged Rod and a flat undamaged one.

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    Neat. Is TRU 5-pack Rod same as Lane Mate Rod?

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