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Racing Red Series singles: 04/25/2021

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  • Racing Red Series singles: 04/25/2021

    Greetings everyone... I opened a few Cars over the weekend including Racing Red Sally... here are a few photos showing the first 3 Racing Red Series Cars to be released in the 2021 Mattel year.

    Mater (from case AB), Jackson Storm (from case AD), and Sally (from case AF).

    Here's Sally:

    We should see 3 or 4 more Racing Red singles during the remainder of the 2021 Mattel year... I'm sure one of them will be Lightning McQueen... not 100% sure who the rest will be.

    Case AF is being found a more and more stores in the US... I saw and bought Sally once in a store... I saw case AD with the Red Jackson Storm many times... I never saw the Racing Red Mater from case AB in a store... there have to be more AB cases somewhere.

    Which of the first 3 Racing Red singles is your favorite? My vote is Sally.

    I am cac1959... I am a Cars-a-holic... and a proud supporter of Nathan's Playroom

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    Looking on eBay, there look to be six cars inn the Racing Red series. I'm guessing that one of them will be Cruz Ramirez. They are all high profile cars, so maybe Ramone, the master of the multi-paint job!